Have You Noticed that No Dog ever Looks Happy when their Owner Dresses them for Halloween?

Never ever in our house would Dawg be dressed up for Halloween. I think it’s actually humiliating for the animal, but what do I know. Lots of dog owners love the holiday, so they can dress up their pooch. These pups don’t look too thrilled.







I go on the record as being Opposed to dressing dogs for any holiday, or dressing dogs ever. Okay, so once I put a tartan scarf on Dawg for Christmas, but that was it, ever.

All those in favor of dressing dogs, say Woof. All those opposed, say Growl.

Happy Halloween, my least favorite holiday of all time, especially when the kids were young, trying to be creative. Oh, it was the pits. The oldest went to a party this weekend as a 1980s Prom King, mullet hair do, polyester blue tux and ruffled shirt et al. His girl was the Prom Queen, with crimped hair and Madonna-like lace gloves. It was hysterical.

Happy Monday, 650,000 emails and all.


6 thoughts on “Have You Noticed that No Dog ever Looks Happy when their Owner Dresses them for Halloween?

  1. Growl.

    I can’t stand dogs dressed up in people clothes at any time and at Halloween, it’s awful.

    Is your cold thoroughly done? Mine is still lingering, but its a good excuse to stay home today. I fear had I gone out I would have bought Halloween candy to give out. Only problem, I live in a gated community and we don’t get trick or treaters. 🙂

    1. My cold is all gone, maybe an occasional sniffle but it’s now Mr. EOS who is down and out.

      Ha ha, been there done that buying candy when it’s a known fact there are no kids knocking at the door! 🙂

  2. It’s a wet an rainy Halloween in Northern Idaho. Few children on our road and the few that are go into town.
    Back on line after being off for several month.

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