A matted dirty Shih Tzu was abandoned in Tompkin’s Square Park this morning but as you might imagine, residents gathered him up right sway and called for help. They called a group called Social Tees Animal Rescue (unfamiliar to me but wow, what great work they do) and they were there quickly and swept the pup they named Bolt off to the vet and to the groomer.

The before……and what Social Tees IG feed said about him

Meet our rescue of the morning!! Bolt was found abandoned in the rain in a nearby dog run, he is very sweet but underweight and so extremely dirty and matted, his knotted coat is pinching his skin with clumps of junk that are inches deep. Who could let this happen to such a lovely, happy soul? He’s at the vet now and on his way to a grooming next. This boy is so hilarious, we can’t wait to see him looking and feeling more comfortable. Stay tuned for updates, and huge thank you to@emmy_park | @stylepup and Whole Health Veterinary Hospital for helping us scoop this boy up and get him the care he desperately needs!!

LOOK AT HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you just want to bring him now right this minute??

The Social Tees IG feed after his makeover:

Drum roll please… and TA DA!!!!! You know how we rescued a matted, gnarled, filthy mop of an abandoned dog in the dog run this morning and immediately whisked him away up to our vet and a groomer? HERE HE IS NOW!!! Bolt is in good health and aced his grooming session — they specifically called to say how incredibly well behaved he was, despite the fact that he’d clearly never even had a bath his whole life let alone a nail trimming and full shave. Bolt is about 10 months old, very silly and energetic, and loves to play. We are so honored to have been able to rescue this boy. Stay tuned for more and thanks again to the amazing group of animal lovers who helped save him this morning! ❤️

May he find his happy forever home very soon. I guarantee you he will be loyal for life. Rescues have an incredible sense of when they’ve been saved. This dog had a very good day.


3 thoughts on “LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  1. I keep looking st this post and wonder why?
    I think a well meaning neighbor “took” this pup from an ignorant family that may have harmed another dog in the past……and put the dog where the next visitor would be someone who would recognize what action to take.

    1. That’s a good and logical thought process. The other thing to note is that there are a lot of crackheads in Tompkins Square Park, many of whom keep dogs in order to ask for money, the dog used as pawn. Plus there are so many older poor residents in that part of NYC who have watched the neighborhood gentrify to the point of making them homeless. The dog too. Bottom line, no matter how it happened, are we in agreement that it’s a good thing the dog is safe and cleaned up or do u think it was a violation of the owner that the dog was taken (if you don’t believe he was abandoned).

      1. No violation t’all. A thoughtful taking of the law into your own hands can be the best cure. Imagine the result if the ASPCA was called, the legally necessary police intervention, maybe court, the holding cell for Bolt……I just made up the story that made me happy.
        Just another thought: the aspca is better and more committed that a lot of community social services that are supposed to be protecting children.
        And a good morning to you!

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