Freezing Rain. Flakes of Snow. A Smidge of a Lingering Cold. Chicken Soup.

It’s pretending to be a lot like early winter today. The temps dropped drastically, enough to produce actual SNOW, but now it’s raining, but right on the edge of being sleet. You can hear the difference on the roof of regular rain and freezing rain. It’s the latter today. Dawg and I are content to be stay-at-home slugs peeps.

I’m pretty much recovered from my cold but I think I was severely dehydrated. I drink so much water at home and didn’t drink much water at all on the ship or in London, drank next to nothing on the plane that my body said whoa Nelly, get thee to a faucet. I can’t begin to tell you how much liquid I’ve consumed. Liters of OJ. I took Cobra’s suggestion and took medicinal wine. I’ve had so much water that the well could run dry. I doubt I had medically described dehydration but close. My mouth was dry. I was light-headed. I was tired and sleepy. And I had a headache. I attributed all that to travel fatigue more than dehydration but as my body craved endless bottles of water, I wondered if I really was dehydrated. I can also feel it in my joints when I don’t have enough water. My knees creak.

I did a big grocery shop yesterday, gathering tons of goodies for lots of winter soup ideas. Today, considering the weather, perfect for some chicken combo. I started with chicken thighs, carrots, celery, onions, and tons and tons of garlic. We Italians know the benefits of garlic. I swear it’s why peasant Italians lived so long. They put garlic in everything.


Once the ingredients got good and seared, I added some homemade chicken stock I had in the freezer. It’s percolating now.

The final decision will be: add rice or ditalini? It needs something. I have both on hand so it’ll be a last minute choice – both work well. Both will be good.

Thanks for hanging in there while I regrouped. Happy what’s left of Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Freezing Rain. Flakes of Snow. A Smidge of a Lingering Cold. Chicken Soup.

  1. I’ll be right over. I got a cold too after two weeks in sunny California and a JetBlue red eye home. You could jar it and sell it on Greenwich Ave today and make a fortune. Most of my friends have some version of a cold – to a one, women who have flown to visit grandchildren.

    1. It’s the damn airplane. Did you see Martha’s comment in the earlier post? She has it right. My cousin just flew home from Ireland and her tips are that she turns off the air vent, takes an Airborne tablet, and carries a mask so if someone next to or near her is coughing and sneezing, she’s prepared.

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