I’m Not Sure It’s Safe to Start The Day


It was a godsend to be on vacation avoiding all the ugly political news but I made the Monday Morning Mistake of watching nooz and ugly is the understatement. When a R strategist says it’s Game Over for Donald, well, I guess it’s time to prepare my mourning outfits for the next four to eight to one hundred years. My mother is more upset that Donald had this and is about to lose it because of his own egotism and vanity than she is having to pay a driver to take her grocery shopping and to get her hair done.

I’ve read so many articles of people in varying degrees of anxiety disorder over the election, both sides worried that the other candidate will win but Hillary is on a roll, mostly because she’s skated past all the Wikileaks (not because she’s innocent but because the media refuses to air them). I won’t give up completely, I’ll vote early and often, but it’s a pretty steep hill for Trump to climb and win with 17 days left.

I’ll busy myself today catching up on bill paying, running to the supermarket, and putting the suitcases back up in the attic…but in the back of my mind, politics still weighs heavily and I’m blue.

I guess I should be happy the sun is shining, Dawg slept well, so did we, life is good, and United Airlines website says a refund will be automatic when an Economy Plus seat is paid for and unavailable. Hey, let’s not forget the Giants AND Patriots both won. That alone is worth a double smile.

So, time to start the week. Onward.

4 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure It’s Safe to Start The Day

  1. Combining Morning Joe with Franklin Graham (Billy’s Evangelist son) commentary today, the movement wave that Trump rode poorly started a very long time ago, and will not fade as fast as Sarah Palin did. Franklin tweeted that the division of the country has just gotten more intense, but it was always there.

    I just went through Chernow’s Hamilton, and I see this is just playing out again as it did before Burr shot him – with all the same fervor.

    1. Good simple hard-working devout people, the Graham family. I never felt talked down to by Franklin or his father and honestly, I have never ever seen more devoted volunteers than I did visiting the Billy Graham Library and I agree wholeheartedly that the division in the country is so intense, it causes real physical and emotional trauma to some. I literally feel ill watching Obama – his face and his lies make me cringe to my core such that I change the channel or turn the TV off. Hillary the same. Trump haters get the identical visceral reaction seeing him so no matter the outcome in November, half the nation will feel really angry. The country has fallen off a cliff politically – both sides are to blame. As I said, it’s plain and simply ugly and I may just go back to bed.

  2. I don’t think it’s all the doom and gloom you claim. I’m holding out hope and I’d like you to be more chipper for the rest of us. Monday’s are bad enough without knowing you are blue. Find something fun to blog about.

    1. CNN has announced that Hillary is transitioning to the Office of the President, no longer feeling the need to counter Trump. The media has declared it over but I wonder what that does for her voter base? If I thought she had it easily, why vote? As for the Trump base, I’d say the opposite. They’ll see her poll numbers as a challenge to be sure and vote. I don’t think it’s as over as you and the media claim it to be.

      My son and his wife are both Hillary supporters so it was good that they were away so we didn’t have to talk politics. They think me daft to support Trump. I tell them that if they want any money from me when I go, they better vote Trump.

      If you want a funny story to blog about, how about the yoga pants editorial guy who is getting death threats by declaring yoga pants should not be worn outside the yoga studio. I agree with him. Ever been in Whole Foods at 10am? Every young mom is there is her LuluLemons. Nice if you have the body to show if off. Not so nice a look if you are like me, mushy around the sides.

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