Remember All Those Videos I took but couldn’t post?

Well, here are some, not all (thankfully) in one fell swoop, boring you with the last of the last of the last of our vacation. A couple of related still photos too.


The first, from Deck 13, the Observation Deck – out and over on the last day. As sunny and calm as the day we set sail.

Deck 14 peeps looking down at us. Observation deck photos. Huge ship spotlights.

From atop the QM2, the highest deck, on the day we took the video of the horns.

MY video of the horns, when I jumped as the horns sounded.

*Typical deck sunbather. *Long long long corridor aboard ship. *The laundry room on our deck. Free. We never used it but it was used every time we peaked in. *Golfer. *Lines to get into lecture and theater for lectures.

We never tired of our balcony view from Deck Ten.

For anyone thinking of taking the QM2, here are our tips. If you can swing it, take a Princess Grill level suite on Deck Ten. It’s one of those things that if you are going to sail transatlantic, do it right. Deck Ten is the only 100% residential deck on board. Book an odd number suite heading East and an even number one heading West. That way you will always be on the sunny side of the ship. This is critical. actually imperative, as the windy side of the ship was cold and would be difficult to sit out on the balcony to enjoy. Be sure not to be in a room next to an elevator bank, nor next to the laundry. Midship is best although our dining tablemate expert Cunardist told us that on the QM2, with her huge stabilizers, there’s very little change in motion front, back, or middle.

We saw no reason to have a Queens Grill level suite. Yes, they are larger, but they are primarily on Deck Nine, that has a few public spaces, meaning foot traffic other than the passengers on that deck. Our room was plenty large, the deck ample, the amenities plentiful and the dining room excellent.

The Horse Guards Changing....self-explanatory.

The BigBus tour ride...


Down the Thames…

To end with a bit of humor, I looked at the travel diary I wrote in 1961 about London… Seems I didn’t understand what old architecture was all about and I was an early food critic, particularly fond of roast beef. Do note that we stayed at The Savoy in 1961. I wish I had remembered that detail when checking in this week. I might have been able to play that angle up for a bigger suite. 🙂


Thanks again for coming along. Travel blogging can be tedious for those not there. It’s like being invited to see 1000 slides of the Yellowstone.

Tomorrow, back to regularly scheduled blogging.

2 thoughts on “Remember All Those Videos I took but couldn’t post?

  1. Back in Greenwich myself as of last night, I’m just now catching up on your trip. Oh how I’d love to sail on the Queen Mary. I’m envious of your journey.

    My late husband loved London and we went often. I never warmed to the city. Too cold too gray and too congested.

    I had full charge of my grandchildren this trip to California while my son and his wife took a vacation. I now need a vacation. I’m exhausted after a week of two toddlers.

    Welcome home and ditto to everyone else’s comment- thanks for taking us along.

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