It’s 3am. We’re up. Dawg is up. Whatya mean you aren’t? 

We hit a brick wall too early last night, falling face down into a plate of spaghetti then crawling under the covers by 7:30p. I tried so hard to stay awake with the TV on but no such luck. Out. Like a light. Zzzzzzzz. I slept straight through until 3:07, tried to roll over for more zzzz’s but realized the night was over. 

The stunning Super Moon photo was taken by Libertarian Advocate on October 16. It’s a perfect shot for this morning as the wind is really howling, so many leaves have fallen, it’s most definitely nearing winter. Even Dawg didn’t take long to pee this morning.  

Now, on to the important news. Dawg. She’s fine fine fine. Sally kept her happy and fed, entertained and amused, so much so that Dawg whispered in my ear that she’d like Sally to dog sit again. Number One son came over often enough too that Dawg didn’t miss us one bit. Well, maybe one bit but probably not half as much as we missed her. 

We got lots of kisses and tail wagging last night so we know she’s happy we’re home but we’re more happy to know Sally is as good as everyone says she is. Such a relief. 

Time to start the zillion loads of laundry, sort through the mail, hang up clothes, and wonder why no one is serving me breakfast and asking if I want grapefruit or orange juice. Sheesh, back to reality. 

It was a perfect trip but it’s always good to be home, in one’s own bed, even if that means I have to make the coffee today. 😀

12 thoughts on “It’s 3am. We’re up. Dawg is up. Whatya mean you aren’t? 

  1. Give us Sally’s contact info again please. Did she stay over or visit a couple times a day?

    BTW, I will be curious if you get a refund for your non-existent economy plus tickets. There have been a couple articles recently saying it is difficult to impossible to get a refund from the airline when a downgrade situation like this happens.

    1. Sally’s website.

      She can sleepover if asked but we did not ask her for that. We asked her to come by three times a day. Her rates increase for an overnight stay but we think she’s worth every penny (and more) for the peace of mind she gave us while gone.

      Yeh, we bet no refunds from United too, but hey, as a very long-standing Mileage Plus member, I might have some leverage. I have to go look at the charge but I think each seat was over $100 for the upgrade to Economy Plus. [Just looked = $136 for E+ seat] That’s not chump change in my book. I can see giving up $25+/- but long gone are the days when E+ is $25 or less per seat.

  2. Welcome back. Dawg had a vacation as well and met a new friend, Sally. Canine stay at home camp.
    Thanks for bringing us along to London. Great photos, especially the ship rigging one.
    Weather is back to normal, seesawing from heat to frost, sun to storm. Those long stretches of beautiful, rain free days became depressing as the drought intensified.

    1. It’s downright cold here this morning and winds gusting too. We were told by our driver that it poured Friday in the city and we can see residual puddles from it. But bright blue skies and sun so we are thankful to come home to that. About to watch the Giants game and have lunch (at 9:30am). Getting up at 3am was not the best idea of the day.

  3. Thank you so much for your time and effort to take us all along. It was fascinating to share, and your attention to the various details we all love about your blog make us happy to have your back at home.

    I believe one of the benefits of travel is better contentment with the life we come back to, after having been so happy to get away for a while.

    1. Words of wisdom EI. We loved getting away from the political mess, eschewing all newspapers, TV and not talking about the election once. That was the greatest gift of being away. We loved your comments, as always, and truly appreciate that you and others enjoy stopping by as I travel blog.

  4. really enjoyed your trip, thank for taking the time to blog for us all. So glad you got to the Churchill War rooms, I first went in the early 70’s when a friend’s father was in the civil service, long before they were open to the public. Its amazing to me that at the end of the war they just walked away and left them as is.
    I love to go away and I love to get home. Glad Dawg had a good staycation.

  5. Many, many thanks for all of the on board the QM and London posts and pix. Happy that you had a successful and snafu free excursion and made it home safely. Did you bring home the Cunard slippers??

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