The joys of flying commercial 

We’re back in the states, but still in the car service home from Newark. Our flight out of Heathrow was almost an hour delayed because the incoming flight was late. Then they changed plane equipment so our Economy Plus seats row didn’t exist anymore and we were assigned seats not together. We had to sweet talk the gate attendant to seat us together but no hope of getting Economy Plus we paid for. Note to self: call United for refund!

The guy in front of me had his seat back down from take off to landing, scratching his hair over the back in my direction. Cooties. The man behind me had long legs so his knees were jabbing me every two seconds. Fun. Fun. Fun. 

We had lunch served if you call mystery chicken lunch. I watched three movies, You Before Me (D+), Finding Dory (A+) and Listen Up Philip (F-). Mr. EOS listened to music and did WSJ xword puzzles. Neither of us slept. 

We zigzagged landing at EWR taking forever to touch down but with our Global Entry cards we were through immigration in two seconds. 

Then the luggage fiasco. My second suitcase was the freaking last one off the carousel. THE VERY LAST ONE. Our driver was patiently waiting to whisk us home. First thing: hug Dawg. Then shower. Then try and stay awake until a decent hour. 

Oh to fly private. Dream. 

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