Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich 

We walked he grounds of the former Old Royal Naval College,  most buildings repurposed — one is a music school, one part of the University of Greenwich, but the Chapel still exists. The Painted Hall was closed for renovations. Still, the grounds were gorgeous.

The Painted Hall, on the left, closed.

The twin domes were built for purpose as the Royal Hospital for Seaman and date back to the 17th century. 

This building now for the University. Students marching in and out. 

Inside here is the chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul, a neoclassical masterpiece by James Stuart and William Newton featuring an organ by Samuel Green. 

I would like this front porch please!

Details, details.

What’s so incredible is the continuity of architecture, the huge structures and how long they’ve been around, mostly untouched, except of course what the War damaged and destroyed. 

We found ourselves saying WOW a lot. A whole lot. 

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