Yes we did, Peeps edition 

We played typical American tourist today, hopping aboard the BigBus double decker tour this morning, seeing rain in the forecast to determine tomorrow is Greenwich. 

The bus was packed, every nationality and language you can imagine. Lots of families, everyone happy. And we’re off….

Our guide the first half of the tour was Rick, an older gentlemen who mumbled, like many Brits do, so we didn’t hear a whole lot but didn’t need to – we were just taking in the scenery. 

This couple below, while British, are raging Giants fans, in town for Sunday’s game. We ran into a couple at the hotel too, all dressed in Giants gear, so we didn’t have to ask why they were in town. Mr. 85 Broad, I suspect you are already in town?…


These two, from Monterey Mexico, were hysterical taking selfies non-stop! We couldn’t resist taking photos of them taking photos!!

I thought NYC bicyclists were tough as nails – London peeps take their lives in their hands with so many buses.

Don’t let any one tell you British police don’t carry guns. They were smiling but armed to the teeth in front of Parliament.

I was amused at the name of this place and just as I snapped the photo, the guy walking looked up at me, annoyed. Tourists….

About half way around the London loop, we got rained on but the bus guide handed out ponchos to keep us relatively dry. We could have moved downstairs but the rain was short lived and we toughed it out.

Once we got off the bus, we walked to St. James’s (sic, per church brochure!) Church Piccadilly then to Buckingham Palace then home to the hotel. 

Lots of people in the park.

The Mall was empty both directions, but it was the end of the day, after 4pm.

Not a huge crowd at the Palace.

The Queen was not in residence today and by the looks of the age of the Guards, maybe it’s wise that she’s at Balmoral. We thought this might be a female, teenager. The policeman next to him/her is sure to take care of things. 

Cool old Defender parked inside the Palace gates.

Could this be the Queen’s silver minivan? 😀😀😀

Latin quiz….

And this, yuck… ad in front of a Sushi restaurant.

I took some architecture pix too but I know peeps are always way more fun. I’ll post the others later. 

Hope you re having a great Thursday. It’s winding down for us.

5 thoughts on “Yes we did, Peeps edition 

  1. The 6th grader was able to pull this much from the Latin “year ten Edward the seventh reigns/was king. Victoria is queen. Thanks (not sure of the form) 1910” not perfect, I’m sure, but pretty good!

  2. It’s a very busy 4th quarter at the salt mine, so unfortunately I couldn’t make the trip. So bummed…. My brother-in-law the Dolphins fan who lives in Surrey got my tickets. Traded them for some Arsenal tickets in December when #1 son (hopefully) goes for his Oxford interviews.

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