Horse guards parade 

At 11am on weekdays, at the Horse Guard change guard.  We were smart and lucky to sleep in very late and have an even later breakfast such that our first outing today was a quick stroll right up the street to Horse Guards Avenue. Our car was waiting for us but we opted to hoof it, spying a cool Electric UPS truck on the way. 

There by at 10:45, we were right up front, no crowds, no fuss, no muss. I took tons of good video but alas, as I mentioned before, the video on my Panasonic camera does not sync with my iPad. You’ll have to wait until I get home for posts with video in them. A school group came in at the last minutes and took the front row but even I was tall enough to see over them and we learned a lot by listening to their guide, a guard himself. PS: no women Guards because no women are allowed on the war battlefront. 

Two different squads alternate, so depending on what day you attend, you’ll see Life Guards in red coats and white plumed helmets, or for us today, the Blues and Royals, blue coats and red plumes. They are the Queen’s bodyguards. Besides their ceremonial duties, they are elite troops who have fought in the Middle East. Both Prince William and Harry have served in the Blues and Royals. 

The Horse Guards building was the headquarters of the British Army from the time of the American Revolution until the Ministry of Defense was created in World War II. 

We were told there’s no such he thing as a white horse, that this is a gray horse. Okay but really? Looks white to me. 

We thought we heard the guide tell the children that the black horses are called Half Black. I didn’t dare raise my hand and ask if that’s what he really said. Anyone know?

These two were the captains and were chatting up a storm for a good twenty minutes. We were told they were saying what went on during the last watch but we figure they were talking sports or women. 

The building as we were walking away from it. 

Perfect way to start the day. Pomp and circumstance is awesome. Cloudy but no rain and the temp in the high 50s or low 60s. We picked a good time to sightsee. No lines anywhere.