Churchill War Rooms

From the Horse Guards we walked barely two blocks to the Churchill War Rooms, next to the Ministry of Defense building. No lines there either, at most ten people in front of us, all moved in quickly. A five minute wait. 

It’s a well preserved 27 room fortified center of the war effort, between 1939 and 1945. Interactive displays, history come alive, rooms of the men working, maps, audio, video of Churchill’s Funeral in 1965 (with no clip of any Americans in attendance). Would LBJ have gone? I need someone to Google this for me. Thanks. 

Excellent opportunity to really understand the War from the British point of view. Churchill is to have said that he and FDR were best of friends.

The light board in the center of one display area was interactive- touch a year and open up tabs for the months and days.

The Enigma Machine

Detailed accounts of the bombs

The Hot Line

These wax men are so real it’s creepy. 

The bank of colored phones went to the heads of each service. This room and most others remain exactly as it was left on the day the lights were turned off in 1945!

As with any sightseeing, the tour always ends through the gift shoppe. We could have bought any number of posters or books, mugs or aprons or fridge magnets, but we left empty handed, memories of the day- free.