Land ho!

We pulled into Southampton in the wee hours of this morning, too early for my personal preferences. What’s a blogger to do – take photos of the Isle of Wight in the dark? The plan was to dock around 6:30am but the seas were so calm the entire route we docked somewhere around 3:30-4am. We woke at 5:45 to see we were in harbor, never feeling a bump or a move or a stop. Incredible. 

The ferry to the Isle of Wight

As we left the ship, the fuel tanker was along side, getting her ready to head back to NY. 

We think this is the same ship we saw out at sea, miles away. 


Another ship at sea. 

Mini Coopers in their way stateside. The factory in in Oxford. 

We couldn’t tell what brand car the white wrapped ones are. 

The drive into London was insane. The traffic backed up every which way to Sunday. 

The disembarkation was easy as pie, off the ship, with four bags, and to our driver in a half hour. What is a three hour drive to London from Southampton was SIX today, the last near three in London proper, thwarted at every road to The Savoy because of road closures due to a parade honoring U.K. Olympic athletes.  I needed astronaut pants!!!! It was a long drive. 

By the time we checked into the room, and realized our bodies are having post ship roll such that walking on land we feel the ship rocking, we didn’t too venture too far afield today but will make tomorrow a full day of sightseeing. 

It was hard to say goodbye to friends made along the journey. Suffice it to say it was more than we hoped for. 

9 thoughts on “Land ho!

    1. We opted for The Savoy, mostly because they had a deal with American Express that was unbeatable. Free night. Breakfast included. Free wifi. Etc.

      1. Can’t beat The Savoy or the Strand location. It has been many moons, but I recall their afternoon tea to be a total delight. My favorite of the several different places I’ve tried.

        1. Tea was in our thoughts to do today but golly, we must be cheap sons of a gun because we gasped at the price tag. Something like 55 pounds each?!! I’ll look again tomorrow and report the exact amount.

  1. You could continue the maritime adventure by taking a boat to Greenwich and wandering through the museum there but you’ve probably had enough cruising for a while. I think there’s a new exhibit at the Cabinet War Rooms. Pick up a Time Out magazine if you haven’t already.
    During my frequent jaunts to London, I always found time for a burger at Hard Rock. Is it still on Piccadilly? The exchange rate wasn’t all that kind in those days and it was one of the least expensive places to get a quick meal.
    Fog rolled in this morning and stayed almost all day with temperature stuck at 60. Forecast was for 80 degrees.
    Can’t wait to see more pictures.

    1. We are going to Greenwich by boat either tomorrow or Friday, depending on the weather. Can’t wait.

      Sorry I have not been answering comments like I usually do. We just are so busy going and doing, I don’t have much time left. I trust you understand.

  2. The white cars look like BMW’s judging the the outline of the grilles. Plus, they’re next to the Mini’s.

    1. The people across from us at breakfast are making up for our lack of shopping. They brought extra suitcases just for what they wanted to bring home.

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