You asked for food. We got food.  

We brought the camera to dinner last night, asking for pardon from our dinner tablemates for taking photos but I explanined that my public awaits. All two of you. 

Last night’s dinner menu was typical of every evening. A substantial selection from the categories – the photos of the menu are woefully bad but I was uncomfortable in the first place of taking photos, let alone trying to get the perfect one. So squint. I had scallops. Mr. EOS had a slab of roast beef.  

We bought wine by the bottle that is saved from night to night until you finish it off. I think for the seven nights we went through four bottles of wine. And a few gin and tonics at the bar as well!

Desserts are excellent, many flambé options, like last nights crepes that Mr. EOS had. I had a simple pear torte.  

Breakfast and lunch menus are equally terrific, any egg or pancake combos you can imagine and homemade pastries to expand the waistline. We’ve been spoiled.  At breakfast this morning I said to Mr. EOS, don’t get any ideas that breakfast at home will be at a table with white cloths and fresh squeezed orange juice. 😀

We took a tour of one of the kitchens this morning and I’ll post those photos later. We have to pack now, our suitcases have to be in the corridor no later than midnight tonight so that when we disembark tomorrow morning st 8:30, it’s only a few minutes going through customs to meet the car service to London. We’ve already gone though Immigration on board, had our passports stamped and are good to go.

It’s been a perfect voyage in every way shape and form. I’ll do more of a review once back stateside and post more photos from the ship when I’m not paying to do so. Love ya, but there’s a limit!

Happy whatever day of the week it is – we don’t know and don’t care!

One thought on “You asked for food. We got food.  

  1. I’m one who asked for menu info. Thanks. Your week aboard has flown by. How long will you be staying in London? The latest exchange rates are in your favor.

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