I almost became a scullery maid 

We took a tour of the Britannia Galley this morning, the kitchen and prep station area that serves the guests who take heir meals in the Britannia level dining room – over 1200, of which 840 are seated in the lower level of the opulent dining room. We do not at here, the people in the Princess and Queens Grill level rooms dine separately. We can dine anytime we choose between 6:30 and 9pm, always at the same table. The passengers in the Britannia dining room have two seating- 6:30 and 8:45. I’m glad we didn’t have to choose. 

To back up a bit, the second day at sea, we got a call from the Concierge that there was a problem with our credit card. Never something you want to hear when you are already a day at sea, we couldn’t imagine what kind of problem it was. Apparently the card number was appearing in the system as all zeroes, even though at check-in in Brooklyn, we scanned the AMEX card and were given the okay to board. The Concierge made it sound like it was a problem with the card, as being denied, but it wasn’t at all. It was a glitch in the ship’s system. You’d kinda think they’d double check those things before setting sail!!!!

Anyway, since we were not going to be washing dishes to pay for our suppers, we enjoyed the Galley tour immensely, impressed with the modernization of doing dishes and the sheer volume of food that is prepared.

Executive chef Mark Oldroyd


85 members of the Galley Utility team, responsible for the waste systems, dirty dishes, glassware and silverware. 

At each dish drop off table, the ship has a pulper system that grinds all the food matter into a fine, pulped liquid.  Once the vessel is in international waters, MARPOL (the marine pollution governing body) states that the ship can then discharge the food waste overboard.  Paper and light plastic is burned in the two silo incinerators, aluminum and tin cans crushed and landed ashore to specialized contractors. 

On a typical seven day transatlantic crossing, the following quantities of food are consumed:

50 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables 

2 tons of meat 

8 tons of chicken/duck/turkey 

13 tons of fish/ seafood

5000 gallons of milk

32,400 eggs 

4 tons of flour

Over 8000 linen napkins are used and laundered every day

Almost 16,000 meals each day are prepared and consumed onboard

WOW. That’s a whole lot of food and kitchen prep. Glad we took the tour.  

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  1. Perhaps the best kitchen dialog in movie history.

    Danny and Hallorann talking. In the kitchen.

    Then there is always the ice cream scene.

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