Sunday lazy sunday

We mosied to breakfast late this morning as did most people in our dining room. Some don’t choose to take breakfast, even though all meals are included in the price you pay for the voyage. 

The menu is full of about anything you’d want – from French toast and pancakes to omelettes and poached eggs. Vegan options, trays of fresh baked goods come by way too often – almond croissants to bran muffins, all made fresh on ship. I try and stick to the basics – oatmeal and an English muffin, lots of coffee.  There is a lot of food and even if you eat light, it’s still far more food in a day than either of us is used to eating. One couple at our table is at the end of their 27 day voyage and they said their clothes are noticeably tighter, even though they walk a lot and even though they eat healthily. 

I was going to bring my camera to breakfast to take a photo of the menu but thought it might be awkward. It was the wrong morning to leave the camera in the room. A huge rainbow appeared right behind us, everyone except me dashing to take a photo. A fine blog host I am!!! 😟

There are white caps in the water today, force 6 winds but no greater rocking motion of the ship. The ship has four stabilizers (two pair of Brown Brothers/Rolls Royce retractable fin stabilizers) that extend approximately 15 feet from the ship’s hull when in use. They are controlled by a gyroscopic vertical reference instrument which senses the ships potential roll and operates the stabilizers to compensate accordingly. They are similar to an aircraft wing and reduce the rolling motion by changing their angle of attack.  They are less effective at slow speeds. 

We’re attending a classical pianist concert this afternoon and another lecture on the Concorde. Otherwise, nada, zip, rien de tout. Not even football.  Feel free to share any scores.  

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  1. Curious about the pic on the Info board. I got the 4-stripe captain arm, but took a moment to recognize the captain hat under the arm. Tipping his cap to show gentlemanly deference?
    And, please sneak some food picks….buffet with butter sculpture of Q Mary head?

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