Horns a’plenty

Every day at noon the ship exercises the whistles. There are five whistles. Two in the funnel. One on the main mast above the bridge and two in the bow. The starboard funnel whistle was originally fitted on the Queen Mary and powered by steam but was converted by its original manufacturer to work on compressed air.  The port whistle is an accurate but modern replica. The forward whistles can be heard over ten miles. They are used for maneuvering signals to other vessels and in periods of reduced visibility. 

I took video on my camera-camera but it won’t download properly onto the iPad. Fortunately Mr. EOS was attempting the same feat on his iPhone and thereby proved to be the better blog host. 

The first video is of the actual whistles. LOUD!!!!! The second is a clip from Comedy Central’s new show “Two Rubes at Sea”. Enjoy!!


2 thoughts on “Horns a’plenty

  1. That was a blast. Thanks for all the details.

    Shocked that boats of this class would even consider navigation by horn sounding through fog.

  2. The horns made me laugh! Sort of like tubas gone bad… They’d make me jump, even after a week on board, for sure.
    Thanks for all the pictures. I’ve enjoyed seeing every last one.

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