3 thoughts on “Walking around the deck 7 Pix

  1. A tad nippy on deck, I see. With so much going on inside, I don’t quite understand the allure of bundling up just to sit on a deck chair.
    What does a typical dinner menu look like? It’s Saturday night here in New England where half the population will be eating brown bread, baked beans and either hot dogs or hamburgers. Since it’s fall, there will be apple pie for dessert.
    You’ve always been generous in sharing your trips. I’m really enjoying this one.

    1. We guess the people outside on deck chairs even when it’s cold are those who might have an inside room, i.e. a room without a window or balcony. People whose rooms are on lower decks or are on the port side of the ship sans sun also like to be on eco chairs, even if it’s chilly.

      The menus are full – lunches anything from vegan simple salads to hamburgers or fish. Dinner always has several appetizer options, a soup selection, a salad, a meat or two, a fish or two, and a vegan choice. I had an onion tart last night for dinner that was delicious. Mr. EOS had steak. Another man at the table had a lamb shank. I feel a bit uncomfortable bringing my camera to meals. No one else seems to and I don’t want to be that one ugly American who does.

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