Day three

First, our morning seas. Even more calm than yesterday.

Our location:

We’re heading off to a lecture on The Concorde by a former pilot then we have to go through U.K. Immigration on board. We’re planning on a technical post later today, with ship stats etc.

Last night, or early this morning when I woke up, I saw en entire convoy of ships off the balcony. Heading west. Very close by. At first I thought it was a dream but come to find out I’m not the only one who saw them but we have not found a crew member to ask. More as I know. Time to get the day started. 

2 thoughts on “Day three

  1. 21 knots pretty impressive for a vessel that large. Interesting to see that they use the same LM 2500 gas turbines that we had on my destroyer. They were converted DC-10 engines. Nice to see the north Atlantic so calm this time of year.

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