Day two, redux

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To back up, last night was a wonderful formal cocktail party and dinner to meet the Captain and senior crew. We sat with a couple from England who applauded with gusto when the Captain announced the nationality most represented onboard were Brits, at over 1100. Americans were second at about 650. Twenty plus nationalities of guests and fifty plus nationalities  of the crew. Lots of Phillipino and Indian servers.  

The dinner was equally fun as we are getting to know more about the people at our table. The two gentlemen from New York are incredible, the older of the two, age 88, is on his 55th Cunard voyage, and well over 100 total voyages altogether.  We found out that the younger, age 70, is strictly a traveling companion, a Catholic priest about to retire. The older gentlemen is of means and looks for people with whom to travel and he and the priest have known each other for a long time. I think they’d wanted us to know they weren’t a couple, not that we cared a hoot. 

We’ve walked the majority of the ship now, every deck, in all the nooks and crannies, sneaking peeks into different category rooms when the door was ajar for cleaning, checking out all the bars and public rooms, the casino, the shops, the library. 

The kennels. Dawg would be one pampered pet!! 

The shuffleboard deck. Lots of tournaments going on. 

The library is stunning, just stunning.

The grand lobby is remastered but looking up, there are guest rooms right there, called atrium view. Oh no, that wouldn’t work for me. Sorry.

Some people were sleeping in the library. 

These pods are at the ready, we suppose they are for if the tenders can’t be lowered or put overboard. Not interested in finding out how they open and how they float.  

Walking walking walking.  Everyone out for exercise. Three times around Deck 7 equal 1.1 miles.  Lots of people are speed walkers. We’re more in mosey mode, me especially, stopping to take blog photos! See what I do for you?! 

Sunbathers at the stern of the ship…….the smokers too. Non-smoking ship except for cigar bar and certain outside spaces. Not in your balcony although the people next to us aren’t paying heed to the rules. 

We’re going to tour the bridge and hopefully the engine room too. Wind is picking up though and the top deck. Is closed. 

We’ll pass the Titanic coordinates about 7pm and the ship will sound her horn to acknowledge the location.

That’s it for now.  

5 thoughts on “Day two, redux

  1. As my cousin the social worker would say – “It’s a good thing the people in the ghetto don’t know what they’re missing.”

    I’ve not cruised on Cunard but the my experience with wifi on other cruise lines is that it is notoriously unreliable.

    I’m enjoying the photos & posts. Happy travels!

  2. I was going to mention your cruise route over the Titanic, but thought it best to let you bring it up.

    Please keep up all the technical reports of how the ship and the whole floating city work, including wind, temp. and wave reports, so we understand the sunny photos in context of what you feel.

    Are there roll stabilizer? Will you have a lifeboat drill? Can you feel the engine vibration in your cabin?

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