I can see clearly now 

The sky last night was stunning, a zillion contrails over Newark, made our departure all that more breathtaking.  

A perfect night sleep. Calm seas. Crystal blue sky. In my best Chandler Bing, Does it get any better? 

We opted for a dinner table of six so we met two other couples. One, husband and wife Brits, on their 20th day of a 27 day voyage. They started in Southampton, came to NYC, went up to Boston then Canada, back down through gale force winds leftover from Matthew and are heading home now. The other twosome, New York gentlemen who we don’t know if they are a couple or traveling companions (not a question one can ask, and not that we care), amiable and great conversationalists. 

Breakfast was sumptuous. I had oatmeal. Mr. EOS had his vacation standby-French toast. The Brits didn’t appear for breakfast but the two men did and we enjoyed chatting with them about what we should do. They are serious Cunardists. We seem to be the only rookies on the ship. The average age is well over 70 so we’re the youngsters!! 

We walked about the ship after breakfast to see if we could spy the Holyrood Suite on Deck 9 that we passed on. Good thing we passed.  Its deck hangs out over the pool deck with large music speakers and a bar! The fumes from the smokestacks waft right back onto the deck and into the room. Our instincts were right. Everyone at our table said we’re in exactly the right spot. Deck 10. Starboard side. Midship. Odd room number. We’re happy as clams. 

I’m blogging from our bright and sunny deck. Our location is 40.59.2 North. 66.54.7 West. Southeast of Georges Bank. Temperature 59 degrees. Force 4 Wind. Slight seas. The ocean  temperature is 66 degrees but neither of us is willing to verify that. 

We signed up for an internet and wifi package so I can blog and check in but each time I’m done I have to log out so the clock isn’t ticking on the amount of time we chose to stay connected. 

The first of the time changes is at noon today. Ahead one hour. Dinner tonight is formal attire! 

12 thoughts on “I can see clearly now 

  1. So exciting!!
    Did Mr. EOS rent or buy the Tux, I knew there’d been some discussion. Did you find a long gown in your attic that’s suitable? Are we gonna see pics of your outfits at least?
    Are you on the sea sickness meds, or waiting to really need them?
    What a fantastic experience and it’s making you young, too.

    1. He’s got a rented tux. The one he bought he didn’t like so he went head to tails rental. You can rent them onboard but that seems too sketchy.
      No meds necessary. Fingers crossed it stays this calm. Being on Deck 10 helps. In walking around we went down to Deck 2 and found the side to side motion much stronger.

      I bought two new formal outfits. One a long dress. The other a long skirt that I can wear different tops with.

  2. I, too, am living vicariously through your photos and commentary. Please keep it up! Interesting and informative! My best wishes for continued smooth sailing.

    Question. What is the drinks situation? Is there a drinks package like I understand there to be on more pedestrian cruises, or is everything a la carte? Pricey? Fair value?

    1. We’re still learning about the drinks. So far it’s the only extra thing we’ve paid for but the Brit at our table last night said something about getting his wine from some Captain’s package. We can’t seem to figure out what that is.

      We think we’re getting a lot of value for our money in this Princess Grill suite category. I don’t know that we would have enjoyed it as much in a lower category because their dining rooms are big buffets. We get very personalized white glove service without it being snooty.

  3. Looks posh!
    Thank you for your posts.
    It’s on my ultimate trips list.
    Is there a floating florist shoppe aboard?
    Also, perfect timing for spending in the UK…the Pound is lowest in decades!

  4. Good morning, great way to start my day enjoying your cruise.
    I’m curious about your Fitbit….
    And, is there a washer/dryer available?

    1. Didn’t need to bring the FitBit because the walking path has mileage markers. Three times around the ship equal 1.1 miles.

      Laundry on our floor. We haven’t needed it yet.

      Casino on Deck 3.

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