Going Dotty.

No, not about the debate – I didn’t watch, but I do hear from reliable sources that Trump did well enough to stay alive. That’s my mother’s point of view too. She did watch.

The doty of the blog title are from Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan.

SoundBeacher went to the Glass House a couple of weeks ago to see the house covered in red dots, an art installation done by an 87 year old Japanese woman.

I’m seeing red, in a good way. I love love love dots. Great photos. Thanks SB.






3 thoughts on “Going Dotty.

  1. As always, great SB shots.
    Hoping she also got to see the other smallish buildings there, and the folly Parthenon by the pond way below.
    Grande Bonne voyage for the EOS’s. Hopefully five days of fun.

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