It’s So Hard to Wait


Planning so many many months ago for this voyage, it seems to be taking forever for the actual departure date to roll around. We’re packed, chores done, Dawg all set, son on duty too, weather might not be too much of an issue but I still hear Matthew is heading out to sea. Um, so are we!

I likely won’t blog between now and when we board the QM2 Tuesday. For sure I am not going to watch or report on tonight’s debate. You’ll have to find other blogs who want to go there. In my best GHWB impression, Not gonna do it. I’m more sick at the twists and turns of the election than I am about high seas in the Atlantic. Ugh.

Rainy Sunday here. Good day for the paper, the puzzle, some football, and lots of coffee. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “It’s So Hard to Wait

  1. Have a great trip! I’ll miss your political commentary, I don’t have many regular outlets I’ve deemed reasonable. Maybe Glen Beck, but not always…

    1. I told my mother I wasn’t going to watch the debate and she was furious with me (not really). She had I HAD to watch, to form an opinion. She will watch.

  2. Tuesday will be here before you know it. Since I don’t know a soul who has sailed on the QM2, I look forward to reading your impressions of it when you return. And, London. How could anyone not have a wonderful time in London. Consider yourself amazingly fortunate you didn’t choose this week to hunt down properties in the southeast.
    Bon Voyage!

  3. Instead of the town meeting…
    You could watch the last night SNL.
    Likely more funny than than tonight debate.
    SNL has many writers. It’s scripted and rehearsed. It’s very funny.

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