Rainy Saturday Chores

One of those days where the long list gets checked off one at a time.

The best part of getting a task done is crossing it off and writing the OK!! 

I’m Heidi today, merely pointing or fetching or saying what’s next. No one big task. Lots of silly stuff. 

In the furnace room there’s a pump that takes out the water from the laundry room sink. The sink drain is so low that a pump was required. The pump used to kick in automatically. Used to being the operative words. 

It’s now outside getting the Mr. EOS eagle eye repair. A glorified sump pump. He cleaned it up and now it’s going back in place. 

*Back in place but not working. Needs a new pump. Item does not get OK check. 

The new front door settled such that it wouldn’t close without locking. Solved, moving the doohickey down. Tools: box cutter. Drill. Wooden match sticks. Check OK. 

Time to take notice of propane levels. Check. Done. 

The chore that won’t happen today is draining the water pipes and faucets down to the old pool garden before winter. But no sign of winter coming soon so that can wait. 

Big slab of salmon for dinner tonight. Mmmmmm. Fish market question of the day: 

What year was Columbus Day made an official holiday at the federal level? 

Happy Saturday. 

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