Here Kitty Kitty and other Friday late day Breaking news

Ginger Maine Coon kitten with sombrero hat on

Seems Donald Trump has gotten himself in a little hot water when audio was released today of his hot mic conversation with guys in a locker room from 2005. Something about kittens! I’ll let you look up the actual quote. But trust me, the mainstream media has jumped all over this, calling his campaign toast, despite Trump’s (lukewarm) apology.

Meanwhile, Obama’s administration (no agency or person cited) has determined that Russia is indeed responsible for hacking into the DNC emails. Because my two cents is never as clever as the readers of the WSJ, herewith comments from their article.

Just noting that our American intel experts have officially blamed the Russians for interfering in our election process.

It would be refreshing, now, if our intel experts could also aim their focus on how the U.S. Justice Department (Lynch, Comey, et al.) has ALSO interfered in our election process.


“US blames Russia For Recent Hacks”

Purpose of announcement…

~ so administration can insist on federal election takeover (to facilitate cheating)

~ to introduce uncertainty in election results (so they can claim Trump win is illegal)

These liberals are so transparent and so corrupt…

Hillary Clinton emails were dumped today too but as far as I can tell, it was a nothing burger – no breaking news other than someone in the campaign staff does not like Jake tapper. Tapper handled it perfectly!

Thoughts on (a) if Trump’s comment will be his demise and (b) how should he handle an apology, if he should do more than the statement he released earlier today.

17 thoughts on “Here Kitty Kitty and other Friday late day Breaking news

  1. Your photo is priceless.

    Trump should indeed come out and speak about this, answer all kinds of questions, get out in front of it, apologize until the cows come home. It will hurt him but how badly, not sure. I don’t think he’s toast but it is worth noting he has cancelled TV ad time in several key states. Sign that he can’t win those or sign that he is winning those?

  2. Hillary has already declared his comment disgusting (but what Bill actually did with cigars is better than what Donald bragged he might or could do?)

    1. Hillary also said in a leaked email that she is “far removed” from the middle class folk. Yeh baby, but she’s fighting for you.

      I don’t know how badly this will hurt Trump. The media wants something to destroy Trump because they see that Hillary is struggling (although she IS up by 4-5 points nationally).

  3. Billy Bush had this audio that he gave to the press? Is that right?

    I can see why the Trump audio was released. The Clinton emails are brutal. Sineone said (but I haven’t seen) That excerpts from her paid speeches are in the mix.

    How are your friends in Vero? All clear?

    1. I’m hearing on CNN that the Clinton camp knew about this conversation Trump had and had people dig through the NBC archives until they found it. Donny Douchebag from Morning Joe knew it was going to get dumped and said the Trump campaign is now officially over. The Clinton folks wanted this out before the debate.

    1. The only way her emails will get traction is what the media does with them compared to what they do with the TrumpTape.
      I don’t like what Trump said at all and it speaks to his egotistical side that many people find offensive. Jeb and Mitt both tweeted their disdain. Like that makes a difference? Jeb and Mitt are two of the most irrelevant people on the planet today.

    1. The best karma payback to Jack Dorsey is that Twitter gets no buyers. Oh wait!!!
      Twitter like Facebook does its best to block conservative voices. Remember when they kept changing the #WikiLeaks hashtag so it wouldn’t be trending number one? Dorsey is a ________.

  4. Trump’s apology is as lame as he is. There is no way he can get out in front of his hot mic moment and it will take him down. He was supposed to be on stage with Paul Ryan today but was uninvited. Jason Chavetz pulled his support. The debate tomorrow night will be Trump digging himself out from under this. It’s President Clinton. Get used to it.

    1. I haven’t seen the entire video apology. Only a snippet. I can’t disagree with you that this could take him down because the media will play the clip on auto-loop until November 8. Republicans are running. Evangelicals are running. I bet if this tape exists, there are more and it’ll be drip drip drip every day.
      It’s scary that the WikiLeaks emails are buried in the news leads. And worst, that this election cycle has delivered us two very strange and unelectable candidates. I fear the lying crook will win.

      1. The saddest part is that just about any of the other GOP candidates that Trump crushed would probably easily defeat Hillary. Even Jeb. When will primary voters learn they are better off having 80% of what they want with a candidate that can win an election instead of wanting 100% and getting zero.

        1. Bill Kristol, the original Never Trumpeter, said Mitt is the only one now who can save the day. Charlie Gasparino said he’s heard rumblings of a big GOP powwow for Trump to step down. It’s a big mess, that’s for sure.

          I disagree that Jeb had the ability to beat Hillary. He’s way too much of a mouse. He’s a gentleman, sure, but he doesn’t have much else. Christie would have been drowned in Bridgegate. Walker proved to be nothing.
          Sad is the word. Sad for America that our election has come down to talking about which man is more lewd- Donald or Bill.

  5. The only two quiet voices on the internet are Mike Pence and KellyAnne Conway. Pence must be fuming.

    Several GOP are saying they will write-in Pence.

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