It Had to Happen Sooner or Later

My mother did not pass the second try at the driver’s license eye exam.


Despite her efforts getting stronger glasses, she was vexed by having to look into a periscope-like devise at the Delaware DMV and said the letters looked very far away and very small.

They took her license away and she had to pay for a state ID card, not permitted for driving but for identification only.

So, now comes the hard part for my mother. The stinkin’ reality of no longer driving. She said to me that she’d try again but I told her, look mom, it’s time.

I outlined all that could go wrong if she drove anyway – she gets all that, but she is such a goer-and-doer that this new wrinkle is going to present a huge problem. I mean, she said, I have a hair appointment tomorrow.

I told her that dad worked hard all his life that she could relax and not worry about finances that now is the time to hire a personal driver. A few of her friends have shared drivers but mom wants her own. Fine, we can arrange that.

I’ve started the phone calls, not sure how it all works – if they drive her car, their car, etc etc. Of the two calls I’ve made so far, one gentleman’s phone went to message (he did some driving for my mother a while back and I can’t remember why, but I have his card)… The other all I made was to a car service in Wilmington, a service my mom used to get her to NYC a few times – the owner is out but will hopefully call me back this afternoon. At least I can get a sense of what is available and go from there.

I feel badly for my mother – she prides herself in being the youngest 98 year old in her gaggle of friends – but in the same breath, this is right that she stops. If she can find the right driver, then I think she’ll still have the freedom she wants and none of the hassle.

6 thoughts on “It Had to Happen Sooner or Later

  1. You are a very caring daughter. Your mom is very fortunate to have you! Did the right thing. We’ll all get there sooner or later. Hope you find a good driver..,,. Perhaps chocolate will help!

    1. Awwwww, thanks.
      I do think mom will try one more time to take the test but I have this feeling that now that her license was taken away, she’d have to do the road test and written test. I’m going to look that up first before telling her.

  2. Sorry to hear that your mom failed the test. Does everyone taking the eye exam have to look through the periscope thingee or just persons of an age or eyeglass wearers?

    I thought, maybe, 98 years old was too old to drive, but, I was wrong:

    1. My mother is one stubborn woman and wouldn’t let anyone go into the DMV with her while she took the test. I have no idea how the eye exam is given nor do I know why they actually took her license away when it doesn’t expire until November. When mom failed, the man administering the test asked her “where are your children?” I guess 99% of seniors have an adult child to care for and drive for them. Oops.

      Awesome that the Texas woman still
      drives. I won’t share that video with mom.

  3. This is such a struggle. I hope it doesn’t dampen her resilience. I think you should have her use Uber, think how hip that would make her.

    1. Uber would be the perfect short term solution but she doesn’t have a smart phone. Complicating things, we will be away so I can’t even go down there for a week to get her organized. Neither of the two people I called yesterday called me back. How is that even possible????

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