Ohhhhhhh, There it is!!!

On my list to do today was to buy a new Chemex carafe cleaning brush, even though I was SURE I had one, but where, oh where had that little brush gone?

My housekeeping badge is about to be revoked because the under-the-sink mess is out of control and utterly embarrassing. Not only did I find the Chemex carafe brush, way in the back fallen over behind the fifth bag of sponges and next to the third bottle of Windex, I found a jar of silver polish that I was hunting for last week. Soooooo, I decided TODAY is as good a day as any to clean out this disaster.

Please don’t judge. I’m a good person otherwise. 🙂

The Multiples of….


The extras that are perfectly good but unnecessary under the sink go into the pantry in the laundry room. One day I’ll go in there and say, whoa, what a mess. But not today!

14 thoughts on “Ohhhhhhh, There it is!!!

  1. Well, that’s another downright creepy photo. i opened the cabinet doors under my sink and WHOA! saw your stuff. I’m not inspired to tidy it up, though. That’s a someday job.

    Looks like you’ll been the clear for a smooth sailing. Latest forecasts show Matthew’s path will miss the northeast.

    1. It felt so good to clean it out. I scrubbed the cabinet base and the insides of the cabinet doors too. That’ll hold me until we sell.

      When we redid the master bathroom I splurged on good medicine cabinets because in the former iteration everything was stashed willy nilly under the sinks. Mess is the understatement. Although I do have things under the bathroom sinks, it’s minimal.

      Yes, I am seeing that Matthew might not be a problem for us. Florida though, they are bracing.

    1. What kind of stupid shit people allow their dog under the cabinet in the first place, then think it’s cute, then FILM it all when the fire starts? These people shouldn’t own a dog, or a phone.

  2. Nice chore to get done. You need to have something down or lining the bottom of the sink cabinet. We have a piece of linoleum fit into it. Then when the drip of the sprayer hose or the faucet springs a leak. ( which it did a few weeks ago and Kohler sent a replacement for FREE) it keeps things less soggy and makes wiping and cleaning the spills so much easier.
    We are heading to Charleston on the 13th and are a bit concerned about the 4 days on the beach we wanted to spend at Isle of Palm. Why do these kids have destination weddings when they live in Boston?

    1. You are so right about putting something down on the cabinet base. I thought of it but not long enough to do something about it. I have leftover of the Marmoleum in the garage. I’ll make a note to cut some this weekend. Excellent point.

      Ha. I’ve been to a destination wedding on the Isle of Palm. Peak of hot humid summer and everyone melted when they weren’t swatting mosquitoes.

      Have fun and I’ll keep my fingers crossed the weather cooperates, for you, and the bride.

  3. Our cleanup may happen thanks to Matthew! For the time being Miami is not in the strike zone but we are ready, things packed in case we need to leave.

    1. I was hoping you’d check in today Peter. I have friends in Vero I texted this morning but who haven’t answered me. I think they’ll be more in the strike zone. Stay safe Peter.

      Response now from my Vero friends in answer to my question “Are you hurricane preparing?”

      “You bet. Generator standing by. Shutters going up shortly. Titos, Mt. Gay and wine stocked and ready and it is pouring rain intermittently already.”🌂

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