Okay, so maybe now I’m a little bit worried

That darn Hurricane Matthew is pretty big and doesn’t show any signs of breaking apart. 

The latest tracking models show it could come straight up the east coast and present problems through to and including next week. Gulp. 

The Cunard website shows no signs of Queen Mary cancellation alerts. Neither does any of their social media. So let’s hope they know something we don’t. 

I’m trying to stay positive. Trying. Trying. But it’s a bit like trying to stay positive about Trump as he continues to self-implode and Assange had nothing. A big fat nothing. 

I’ve reenergized with a carafe of coffee at home and am ready to brave the day. I think. 

24 thoughts on “Okay, so maybe now I’m a little bit worried

  1. C’mon! Grey skies are gonna clear up!

    How is Trump imploding? Are you related to that fathead Balzac in that other wonky blog?

    1. I tracked down the location of the QM2 now and she is moored in Quebec so at least the ship only has to come down the coast to be there for us. That’s good news. It’s like being at the airport for a flight at noon and at noon your plane is nowhere in sight. I’ll try and stay positive.

      As for Trump, the Audi dealer had CBS This Morning on the service showroom TV. Because I don’t watch that crap, I was reminded why, listening to Mr. Arrogant Charlie Rose and I’m Smarter Than You Norah O’Donnell dump on KellyAnne Conway. Every question was angry, pointed, and atrociously bias. Conway held her own but when the questions are peppered like CBS, it’s hard to get out the truth.

      Robby PukeMook was on right after Conway and the anchors didn’t even ask him a question. They let him say how Clinton has a plan.
      Clinton has a huge line of Dems campaigning for her, albeit all asses, but they are out there, getting 100% of the positive media.

      Trump is out there alone swimming upstream like a salmon in Alaska. His comment yesterday about the soldiers with PTSD was completely highjacked by the left, quoted as nauseum as what a jerk Trump is when the fact is the soldier to whom he was speaking understood what Trump was saying and came out calling Hillary a lying bitch for twisting Trump’s words. No mainstream media carried the soldiers letter. So, There you have it. Trump has fallen behind in the polls. Assange wimped out. All Clinton has to do is sit tight. Trump has to fight fight fight. He can still win but it’s going to be tough.

        1. That poll makes me feel a LITTLE better. I watch Mornings with Maria on Fox Biz every day at 6. Their pollster Lee Carter is excellent. She calls it like it is without agenda and she sees it pretty much like the Mickelson-Garcia Ryder Cup match- all square.

      1. There’s no one who wants Trump to win more than my mother. I’m a close second. All our enthusiasm and support equals only two votes in states Trump will lose anyway – NY and DE.

        Sure, we smart people know the media lies but when they control the message, no amount of being right can outshout the hardblown left. They will NOT stop making up shit, or changing storylines to suit their agenda until the last dead person vote is counted and Hillary is coronated.

        I try and try and try to stay upbeat. I did that with Romney and I was unglued when he lost. I have far more invested emotionally in Trump winning that I find myself getting prepared for a loss.

        Peter, that poll has to be an outlier. There’s NO WAY HRC is up ten points in PA.

  2. After the hurricane, you might have more oceanfront land available in NC and FL to build your dream home.

    1. I’m watching Mornings With Maria now and they feel Kaine was rude and interrupted too much. Mook said that was the plan, to derail “the lies” from the right. Because I didn’t watch, I’m only hearing reviews. What did you all think?

      Not to brag, but not only have I met Red Skelton, I have his autograph. When I was the editor of the Philadelphia edition of TV Guide, stars who were on the cover would do a walk-through of the facility and I often got to meet them.

      1. Cool story! (insert Pepe). I hated to do that to poor Red, but, Kaine projects a diffuse but manic creepiness that’s unsettling. I only saw one YT clip, but, it was pretty obvious that #KaineWreck was the child in the room.
        So, the stars stopped by in Philly, eh? Was that because TV was fairly New York City – centric back, well…?

        1. TV Guide was THE magazine in its day. Everyone subscribed. The stars who were on the cover must have had something on their contract to appear in Radnor because many did. Walter Annenberg might have known many of them personally too and he twisted their arm to appear. Im not holding my breath that my Red Skelton autograph is worth enough to buy me a waterfront mansion.

          Let me go find it but there’s a picture of Kaine next to a Twilight Zone character. Creepy likeness.

    1. If I had a life re-do, I’d start by marketing myself with labels like activist and journalist.

      If Cassandra can bring voters over to the good side, hey, I’m all for that.

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