I Guess Kim took the AMEX ad literally

Don’t leave home without it, it being the $10.7 million worth of jewelry she brought to Paris for fashion week and had stolen from her at a Paris hotel.

Photo: X17 Online

Now, if you ask me, I say this whole story smells to high heaven.

First of all, what person of her notoriety stays where there’s only one person in the lobby??? Reportedly the robbers tied up a concierge who was then forced to take the robbers to Kardashian’s room. Where was her security detail? Where were the other hotel employees?

There’s confusion in the reporting if this was a hotel or a private residence. Either way, no how would Kim not have someone manning the door, especially especially especially if she had valuable jewelry in the room.

Which begs the next question, why on earth would you be dumb enough (rhetorical) to transport $10.7 million in jewelry to Paris in the first place?  I would think everyone with real baubles would also have a fake clone made, to look real, but not be, for those times you are on the road.

How did she get untied? What happened to the concierge who was also tied up? Does she have to pay her room tab now? Are the jewels insured and this is a scam to get the insurance money – that the robbers were a setup? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’m waiting for the tweet to tell me to stay tuned for the first episode of her new reality show, Kim Takes Paris.

End of slow news day blog report!! 🙂

15 thoughts on “I Guess Kim took the AMEX ad literally

  1. Hasn’t Kanye said he’s broke? I like your insurance scam theory. Otherwise, this didn’t happen as described.

      1. Stick up for her, ha. Was that an intentional pun?

        PR stunt or insurance scam but not actually robbery with her tied up in bathtub. They’d need a whole lot of rope to tie her up.

        EOS, are you worried about taking your $10m jewels aboard the Queen Mary?

        1. I wish I were clever enough to say that was an intentional pun. Sadly, no, but it is good!

          Agree with you that PR stunt is high possibility.

          I’ve not only brought out the Hope diamond to bring on the ship, Queen Liz has offered to loan me a tiara or two. A gal has to dress the part aboard ship.

  2. Who cares about Kim? There’s non-stop breaking news all day.

    NY AG says Trump Foundation must halt. Turns a blind eye to Clinton Foundation.

    Kerry stops negotiations with Russia re Syria.

    Hillary calls for Assange to be droned. Media crickets.

    The fix is in for Clinton to assume power.

    1. I saw the breaking news re the Trump Foundation. You hit the nail on the head. The fix is in and every day there will be more anti Trump stories. With Assange backing off (or away, depending on who you listen to), the greater traction the anti-Trump stories will take. CNN anchors will need drool bibs to report.

        1. BAM! I’ve said this before but great videos like that need a wider platform. I’d pay for network ad space to let that one run continuously.

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