What to do on national upside down day

That’s today by the way. Here’s proof: 

NFL Football on at 9:30am! 

The NYT gets a Trump tax return from 1995 from an anonymous source and shouts that Trump didn’t pay any Federal taxes in 1995. Meanwhile in 2014 the NYT itself, while making a profit, pays no federal taxes. Um, okay. 

Law & Order reruns on TBS are from season 15, with Frank Fontana. ‘Nuf said. 

It’s damp and chilly and I want more coffee but carafe is empty. 

So what’s a girl to do? Read.

A little David Foster Wallace binge. Not sure which of the three to read first. Infinite Jest is intimidating in its length so I may start with the shortest book first. No real reason. Maybe you can tell me which one I should start with. 

Dawg is content sitting in front of the fire. Hardly a huge fire, but warming the house nicely. The wood was a little damp and smoked the house a bit but it’s settled down and the wood down a row in the pile is dry enough to use.

Happy Crazy Sunday. 

9 thoughts on “What to do on national upside down day

  1. The football is from London that’s why it’s on at 9:30. I am not watching.

    Re the NYT story, the WSJ story has lots of comments and the one that got the most likes is this. I think he says it all.

    “Amazon, which is led Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post, lost $1.41 Billion in 2000 and that offset their minimal income for years. Would Hillary and the NYT say Bezos paid no taxes and did not support government activities?
    Solar City and Tesla, which are owned by one of the heroes of the left Elon Musk, have never made a profit and therefore never paid income taxes and they are also heavily subsidized by the taxpayer. Where are the media stories ripping Musk for not supporting the government?”

    I’m leaving for California tomorrow. My son says it’s been in the 90s. I could use a dose of sunshine although I am glad we’ve gotten some rain.

    I’ll be out of the loop for a biut enjoying grandchildren time but I’ll check in closer to your Queen Mary departure.

    1. Have a wonderful time in Sunny California. I have friends who went out to a wedding near SB last weekend and said it was in the HIGH 90s.

      EXCELLENT comment from WSJ reader.

    1. True enough. This is out of the ordinary for me as I don’t tend to read books much deeper than One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish but the WSJ just did a story on Infinite Jest and it intrigued me enough to buy it and others. The worst that can happen is I hate his writing and I donate the books to the library.

  2. The left has VOWED to take down Trump at all cost. The Times doesn’t care one fig if they broke the law if it’ll stop Trump from becoming President. The hatred the left has for Trump is repugnant to me yet Hillary laps it all up while at the same time she calls Donald a bully.

    I’ve never heard of the David Wallace so I can’t help you with those books.

    1. I got a call from my mom asking, ARE YOU WATCHING THE GOLF??? She said it’s great. Also, a cousin of mine is in Ireland for a wedding, texted me from a pub in Dublin asking if I saw Rory sink that 55 foot putt? I guess I should watch but I’m on a roll with paperwork and reading.

      Giants tomorrow?

  3. Infinite Jest is my favorite DFW book, having read just about all his work. His common themes include private schools, tennis and corporate nomenclature. Engagingly fun and insightful.
    I got to “meet” him at a Rizzoli event long ago along with dozens of avid fellow DFW fans. He was the modern day William Gaddis, author of the equally long (995 pages!) and worthy The Recognitions, published in 1955.
    There was a movie made about DFW after his untimely and shockingly sad death, The End of the Tour, based on a Rolling Stone article.
    Jest would the perfect read for your cruise,
    and also the riotous cruise ship article for Harper’s that’s in book pictured on right side of your DFW books.

    1. Thanks SO much for your insight. Even if I don’t like his reading, at least I can LOOK erudite on the cruise ship carrying Infinite Jest around with me. 🙂

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