The Gospel According to Matthew!


By nature I am not a worrier, a trait I got from my father. On the other hand, my mother and sister, big worriers. Mr. EOS too. I don’t know why I’m not, but I was not the mom who fretted about the kids every little movement or needed to be called the minute they got home.


Out and about all day yesterday, I kept running into friends who know we are heading into the open Atlantic, everyone said Aren’t you worried about Hurricane Matthew? 

I wasn’t until yesterday and since then all I can think about is a ruined voyage from rough seas post Matthew. But who me, worry????????????????????

I even dreamed last night that we got to the Brooklyn Pier only to be told our voyage was cancelled.

I repeat, who me, worry????

10 thoughts on “The Gospel According to Matthew!

  1. The good news is that the QM2 sailed post Hurricane Sandy and everyone is still alive to talk about it! Stay positive. The storm could fizzle much farther south than your path.

    We Floridians are worried. Matthew is a whopper.

  2. Most graphs do show some residual wind and rough seas as Matthew heads north but I don’t see that you’ll be in the direct path of the storm.

  3. I was on a cruise in the South Pacific 3 years ago & we hit a cyclone. We didn’t even know it WAS a cyclone until we docked in Auckland & friends there told us. The ships captain never made an announcement, though they did drain the pool, haul in the outdoor furniture & block off the upper deck. It wasn’t scary at all as we all thought it was just a storm – even as the waves were breaking on the dining room windows. Don’t worry.

      1. Me too.
        As an aside, I am going to watch “God’s Little Acre” to see early Tina Louise and her dramatic/passionate acting chops.

        1. Acting and Tina Louise in the same sentence. Ha ha. Ha.

          Bored this morning with regular programming on television, I watched a DVRd movie, one of my favorites, The Heiress. With Olivia deHavilland. Montgomery Clift. Ralph Richardson (brilliant as Dr. Sloper). Miriam Hopkins as Aunt Penniman. And one of my all-time favorite character actresses, Selena Royle, who in this movie plays a small part but was epic as the mother in The Fighting Sullivans. Her face is very recognizable.

          I mean, you think of the cast in The Heiress, all the talent in one place, how riveting the movie is, even seeing it 100 times, and then you wonder how such crap is put on the screen today, with “talent” that Hollywood trumps up.

          But I’m sure Tina Louise’s performance will rival Olivia’s. 🙂

  4. But: go see The Dressmaker! Great fun/ fairy tale w/ fab Judy Davis & Kate Winslett. Sure beats boring Trump/Hillary blah blah blah TV!

    1. Reruns of Gillian’s Island beats awful Trump Clinton TV! It’s unbearably torturous. I didn’t stay up to watch SNL but I’m sure Alex Baldwin did a great job as Trump.

      I saw a trailer to the Dressmaker way last year so I’m surprised it’s out now. Judy Davis is excellent and Kate is good depending on the role she chooses. Thanks for the heads up.

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