Maybe While I get my Audi repaired I’ll walk up the street and test drive the maserati Levante

I got a recall letter for my 2013 Q5 with regards to the emissions control. Add that to the volume control knob in the center console breaking off in my hand AND my iPhone charger shredding to the point my phone tells me the charger isn’t recognized, it might be time to upgrade.

I got a personal post card (okay, bulk mail) from Miller Motors in Greenwich to come in for a test drive the 2017 Maserati Levante, starting at $72K…hey, I may just take one out for a spin. Cruise up and down Route 1 or hop onto I-95. Or a little backroad action on Taconic?

Photo from Kelly Blue Book
The interior sure is gorgeous
Not me! 🙂
Looks like plenty of flat space for Dawg to throw up on

I haven’t read the reviews but I’m guessing this car would be better suited for an owner in Nevada or Texas who can go top speeds on flat roads for long long stretches. Here, I doubt the car would ever be used at anywhere near its power potential.But I’d sure look good while idling on 684.

I went through the configuration page of the Maserati website, selected the Levante S and was disappointed from the get-go at the lackluster color choices. I mean, no offence to you Lexus or fellow Audi owners, but if I were driving a Maserati, I’d want color options other than  your basic black, blue, gray and silver. Yes, they do have TWO blues, neither of which look pretty in the config page.


And wait, what?? They want me to add a Luxury Package? Isn’t this a luxury car?? What’s up with that? I’m not configuring a Passat folks.


The S base price is $83 and I added $10K in options, bringing my Drive It Home Today price $93,475.

At least with the Levante I can turn the volume knob. That’s worth a lot, isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “Maybe While I get my Audi repaired I’ll walk up the street and test drive the maserati Levante

  1. Not a fan of the giant Maserati logo in the front grille. It’s like the Ralph Lauren polo shirts with the gigantic polo player. I like a quiet logo, or none, when you have to squint or guess the car brand, or know because you know.

  2. B-u-t-t-u-g-l-y. Looks like they slapped the ugly Maser grille on the even uglier Infinity QX70 – googootz!
    Get the nearly-as-ugly sibling to the Q7, the Bentayga (named after a hill that has a lot of canaries on it). At least you might get some German engineering.

    1. I doubt I’d buy a car with a name I can’t pronounce. The Infinity really is ugly. Not sure the Maserati rises to that level of ugliness.
      I’m content with my Audi. It suits my lifestyle. It runs well. Barring any abuse, it should last another decade.

        1. Um, a car called F-Pace? Not having heard of this car, I thought you were calling it an Eff-Pace and now looking at it, I think my first impression is right. All these new SUVs look alike and that’s not a compliment. The Jag is miles more attractive than the Levante but nothing distinguishes it. Am I wrong?

        2. You’re right, they all look pretty much the same. What I really want is the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo which is supposed to be debuted as a 2017 model. The picture is of the concept, but, spy shots of the ‘real’ thing disappoint.

        3. I guess it comes down to why someone wants a Porsche, Jauguar, or Maserati SUV. I’d take any one of those brand cars, just not an SUV. Not to sound sexist, but aren’t most SUV’s driven by moms anyway? Are they going to care if the car has sport suspension and how fast it can go O-60?

  3. Go ahead and test drive the Maserati. I would. Nice interior. I bet you could arrange to have the exterior in any color you want. Just ask.

    1. But wouldn’t you think the standard colors would be a little more interesting. Click the link to their “green”. Oh my. Words can’t describe. Then there’s a color they call Rame. Whatever that means.

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