Helloooooo Big Brother! 

Today, the Town of Bedford Police announced they will no longer use the chalk on the tire system of determining if you’ve stayed at the parking meter too long.

Bedford’s Finest warning Mom not to stay in Library too long!

In their official press release, the BPD says:

Bedford Police: New Parking enforcement technology in use

The Bedford Police will no longer be utilizing the traditional chalking of tires method to monitor overtime parking.

New License Plate Reader (LPR) technology is now in use in town. Vehicles are now monitored through state of the art Global Positioning System (GPS) technology which alerts our parking enforcement officers to vehicles that are in violation of our overtime restrictions. In addition, this new technology identifies scofflaw vehicles as well.

Here’s the license plate reader…..

I have no idea how this actually works. Let’s say I’m getting my hair streaked (which takes almost three hours) and I’m parked in Bedford Village where there are no meters but there’s an understanding of the two hour limit. Occasionally a Bedford meter maid comes around, not every day, but often enough, that if I am under the dryer over the two hours and exceeded the limit, my hairdresser keeps an eye out for any cops, and if need be, she moves my car (I can’t go outside wrapped in tin foil!)

The question then becomes: by moving my car, is what my hairdresser doing morally wrong or is she doing a service to herself and fellow Bedford merchants by allowing me to stay while I patronize said merchant, without fear of getting a ticket? I don’t abuse the system. I don’t park in town all day but there are things in town that take longer than two hours. Dining. Going on house tours with any one of the many realtors in the Village. Hairdresser. Library. Weddings.

If they can use GPS to see if I’ve overparked, what else can this GPS plate detector determine? Does it know where else I’ve gone???? Or where I’m going next? 

I don’t think I like this idea.

8 thoughts on “Helloooooo Big Brother! 

  1. A meter maid scans your license plate with the reader and it goes in some computer software to pinpoint your car? Scary.

  2. These readers scan license plates as the police car is driving and compare to DMV data bases for all sorts of infractions. It will identify cars with no/expired/expiring insurance or that have been reported stolen. There have been instances of rental cars being stopped by police because they were previously reported stolen by rental car company and the update to remove this flag when the car was turned in by previous renter didn’t take. I guess using the technology to enforce parking rules is a logical extension and is probably more useful in a place like Bedford. Simple matter of programming as we used to say.

    On the same topic, it is understood that Hertz is best in case for vehicle tracking and recovery. One probably doesn’t want to know or find out what this means.

  3. You need to see the movie SNOWDEN. Your cell phone mic and video is on all the time.

    I feel guilty when friends butt-call me and I pause to listen in. NAS is doing it 24/7.

  4. The database location of your car NOT AT HOME would be very worthwhile to burglars. So how public is this information?
    I don’t like this at all, especially in light of today’s news that police use inquires on individuals for nefarious reasons.

  5. Today, license plate readers are in common use on our highways and local streets: cops basically scan every car they pass, and outstanding warrants, expired registrations and God knows what else appear on their screen. Fortunately, we know that federal and state-maintained data bases are completely secure, never hacked and, especially, never used by our government to track or harass those who disagree with it: conservative non-profits, for instance.

    I think you’re on to an excellent idea, wearing tinfoil on your head – I may just adopt the practice myself.

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