Perking. Perking. Perking.



National Coffee Day folks! Here, it’s National Coffee Day every day but I do hear that coffee chains are giving coffee deals if you are out and about. DD has a 66c medium coffee. I think MickeyD’s has a free coffee deal, but don’t quote me, I think it’s only if you have their app. Krispy Kreme has the best deal – coffee and a donut, free. Bummer there’s no KK near me, anywhere near me for that matter.

Starbucks is going a whole other route – giving back to coffee farmers by donating a tree to Mexican coffee farmers. I’ve never seen any Mexican coffee at Starbucks, not once, so I don’t know how generous this gift is. I like the idea tho.

This Thursday, September 29, is National Coffee Day in the United States. In honor of everyone’s favorite morning beverage and the farmers who make its consumption possible, Starbucks has announced it will donate one coffee tree to a farmer in need for every cup of Mexico Chiapas coffee sold Thursday.

The Coffee Day initiative is part of Starbucks’s broader commitment to help wipe out coffee rust—a fungus threatening coffee trees in Latin America. For the last year, Starbucks has donated a coffee tree for every bag of coffee purchased in participating stores in America and Mexico. Already, the company has raised enough money to plant 18 million rust-resistant coffee trees, 10 million of which have already been delivered to farmers. They hope that by extending their “One Tree for Every Bag” commitment to cups of coffee for National Coffee Day, they will be able to meet their goal of donating 20 million trees by the end of 2016.

I opted for the Chemex this morning – my nod to old school. With the Starbucks Breakfast blend beans. Six out of seven days it’s the standard Cuisinart coffee maker – it’s easier to deal with in the morning, no boiling water, no watching it steep, but honestly, no coffee taste beats the Chemex. None.

I keep a pantry of bean options too and one can of pre-ground (blech) just in case I can’t function the grinder one morning. One of the kids said to me the sound of the bean grinder in the early hours of the morning meant all was well. I’ve been grinding whole beans as long as I’ve been drinking coffee.

The Starbucks beans must have lots more caffeine per bean because if I use a store brand (see left, bag is Stop & Shop brand), I get a headache or felt groggy in the early afternoon.

So bottoms up – here’s mud in your eye. My coffee is with 1% milk. No sugar. Mr. EOS drinks his coffee black.

Time to start the day.

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  1. “Eight O’Clock 100% Colombian Peaks” for us. We purchase in bulk when it’s on sale, “buy one get one free,” and stick the bags in the freezer until needed. Quaffing some now, in fact.

    1. Oh my goodness! My GRANDMOTHER used Eight O’Clock coffee and her coffee was the best. Do you buy it ground or whole beans?
      Clink. Here’s to ya. Have a great day!

    1. Cream in coffee is hands down the best way to have it. My kids like their cereal with cream. I’ve been drinking 1% milk for so long, it’s all I know. If I have 2% it seems like whole milk or cream. I can not go skim milk in coffee however. That’s like drinking it with soap.

  2. I used to own/operate an espresso bar, so I fall into the coffee snob catagory. But I try not to judge😏

    Have you tried making cold brew at home? It is amazingly good, and easy. We brew a regular pot (drip or pour over–we used to have a full espresso machine in our kitchen in Stockholm, but it was damaged in our move and I never replaced it) in the morning, and have an iced coffee (cold brew) if needed in the afternoon. Cold brew can also be served hot by mixing with hot water. I’m a sweetener (currently coconut sugar….but it’s been maple syrup, stevia, Splenda, equal in the past) and hand and half girl.

    The single most important thing you can do to increase your coffee quality is grind fresh. I still have my grinder from the espresso days, so it’s a big one like you see in coffee shops. And a few months ago we switched back to the roaster I used for my business and the beans make such delicious brews! It’s called Meaning of Life by Caffe D’Arte. They are Italian immigrant family roaster in Seattle, so not widely available out here. Let me know if you want to try some, I can hook you up. (The people in my hometown are still chastising me for shutting my espresso business to move out east….the other “fix” is not the same)

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