In His Case They’ll All Be Free! UPDATED! 


Gotta love kids. When a son calls and says Ma, how about we spend some time together today, have lunch. And oh yes, I could use a new suit or two. 

Okay, I’m a sucker to help the kids, any time I can, so I said sure, let’s go shopping, my treat. Then came the question, where to go?

Long long long gone are the days of shopping at Brooks Brothers. The last time I went into a BB store was at least a decade ago, in the Stamford Mall. I don’t remember who I was shopping for, Mr. EOS likely, but I came out empty handed. Nothing unusual. Nothing even particularly well made. Generic.


So, with limited choices around these parts, we opted to meet up at Jos. A. Bank in Mount Kisco. Not exactly Armani, but for the price, getting a few new suits, Jos. A. Banks fits the bill, in more ways than one.

I have never shopped in a Jos. A. Banks so this is a first for me. I’ll report later how we did and where we went to lunch!

Onward. Happy Wednesday.


Turns out JAB was utterly worthless so we tried a store in Katonah. Nothing. What the hey, in Katonah, we’re right near 684 so we boogied up to the Danbury Mall. Although not exactly boogie speed. Construction and an accident = Back up blues 🙁

We opted for Lord &Taylor because (a) it was right in front of us and (b) they were having a 50% off sale!!!!

He got a gorgeous Ralph Lauren suit, and what’s a new suit without a new shirt, tie, belt, and shoes!? 

We had a fabulous woman help us who grabbed things from shelves etc. It’s so rare to find store help, let alone good help. Excellent experience all around. 

After my treat, I got treated to lunch at a restaurant I’d never heard of of been to: Duchess. 

Duchess is a fast-food restaurant chain in southwestern
Connecticut. Founded by Harold and Jack Berkowitz in Bridgeport in 1956, the company is privately owned and operated by Duchess Worldwide, Inc., based in Milford, Connecticut. The restaurants, 14 in all, feature an eat-in dining room, take-out service, and a drive-thru

I had a chicken sandwich that was excellent. Really good quality bun, I mean like homemade bread bun. Delish. 

All in all a good morning. Home just before the rains! 

9 thoughts on “In His Case They’ll All Be Free! UPDATED! 

  1. Retired now I don’t need new suits and the old ones I have will last until I’m buried in one. I used to get my suits made by a man from China. He’d fit you, you’d choose the fabric, and in a couple of weeks, suits. I wish I could remember the price but my brain isn’t working yet this morning. I wasn’t rich so it must have been affordable.

  2. FYI, we have found the quality at JoS Bank to be really lacking. Hubs is a sucker for a deal, and they advertise some 3 for 1 type “deals” and then you’re stuck with three shoddy sweaters instead of one. Haven’t tried them for suits, though.

  3. If I get around to getting a good marrying and burying suit while still in the area, it will be here. A friend swears by it. I think he said around $1300 for a custom suit. I have also outfitted number one son with interview suits at Brooks Brothers in Greenwich.

      1. If you want to go on an adventure, there is always my long time tailor in Hong Kong. Johnny Lai at Evergreen Tailors. Last time I was in his shop (admittedly 10 years ago or so) he also had beautiful material for women’s clothes. I would expect he could do a high quality custom man’s suit for at least 1/3 less than the Brooklyn price.

        The key to going to a custom tailor in Asia is getting a trusted referral. Otherwise, you have no clue what you are dealing with as there are so many of these guys. Some good, some not so much. On vacation in Bangkok a few years ago, I walked into a tailor shop and was basically quoted NYC prices. Since it was down the block from the Mandarin Oriental, this was not a total surprise. I passed.

  4. Rite of passage. As each son graduated from college, we went to brooks Brothers for a suit and a trench coat. Takes me back…Bibi

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