*Anything But Politics today. I’ve got a splitting headache and I’m under-caffeinated. I’ve gabbed with my mom so I’m done talking or even thinking about politics..

Let’s talk Jelly Krimpets! Reader New York Tax Refugee found a jelly Krimpet at a Wawa and sent me a photo! I mean, how lucky am I that readers do that? Love it. And love that I get to see a jelly Krimpet. Honestly, I didn’t know they existed. Raspberry. I’d like to reach into the screen and have that right about now.


Then there’s Arnold Palmer, the King of Golf, such a perfect ambassador to the sport in every way shape and form. So many wonderful photos on social media, so many heartfelt condolences from his legions of fans, his loyal Arnie’s Army.


Lee Trevino, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Arnold
The drink, the Arnold Palmer

Growing up in a golfing family, we played, we watched, we vacationed around golf, we talked about golf all the time. The players in my day had their own personalities, their own swing, their own style. Today, it’s hard to tell one player from another (exception was Tiger Woods) as all swings look alike and players just don’t seen to have as much uniqueness. Maybe that’s just me getting old?

The drink, half lemonade and half iced tea, is something that the Wilmington CC served from when I was old enough to know so I wonder where they thought of it and how Palmer was smart enough to co-opt it to be his drink. Good for him.

It rained overnight, much needed, but not enough to stop the drought. I’m home much of today but at some point, when I regroup from staying up past midnight and up at 5:33, I’ll venture out for some grub and other chores du jour.

Happy Tuesday. And remember, this post is NOT for debate discussion. Anything but…..

27 thoughts on “ABP*

  1. I heard yesterday that the Arnold Palmer is 3/4 ice tea and only a 1/4 lemonade, that’s how Arnold made them! According to Billy Bush on Today Show! (just the facts)

  2. Jelly Krimpets are not only the best krimpet, they are the best Tastykake. They are elusive, though. Not at all so commonly seen as the Butterscotch Krimpet.

    My latest excursion to Florida revealed that there is a Tastykake Thrift Outlet about 3 miles away from my new house. First, a surprise to find Tastykakes – let alone thrift Tastykakes – so far away from Philadelphia. Second, I doubt if they’ll have Jelly Krimpets. I’m not getting my hopes up but I will be keeping a close eye.

    1. Well, if Cripes tells me Jelly Krimpets are the best, I’ll take that as fact. I have to be at the gas station where my neighbor found the Butterscotch ones so I’ll cruise by that shelf and see if I can spy the jelly one!

      Before I left this conversation stay on Krimpets, wow just wow that your are moving to Florida. I know you’ve talked about it for a long time but that you are actually going – I’m so jealous that you are escaping NJ and the taxes and the snow…and all of it. When do you hope to wave goodbye to NJ? Best wishes.

  3. Went to a wedding in Philly two weekends ago and at hotel check-in received a Philly-themed tote bag that included Butterscotch Krimpets and Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews. Neither one of them lasted long!

  4. I’m shocked I still have teeth. I loved the Peanut Chews (good memory Mr. 85) but took even more chances with my choppers always choosing for Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy at the movies, banana flavor.

    1. Well, one thing the shop got right in making our bon voyage cake is the amazing likeness of the cake topper couple to us.

      I’m trying to sort out what’s in that cake of sweetness. I see the butterscotch Krimpets. Below that looks like an old timey raisin cookie l loved. Can’t identify the other things.

  5. I couldn’t find anything that identifies the image, other than it came from the PA General Store two years ago. Here’s Kelly Ripa’s b-day cake:

    maybe they still have these mugs?

    1. I’m DEFINITELY going to make the next family birthday cake out of Tastykakes. If Kelly Ripa can….

      That mug! How do you drink out of a four sided cup? I dribble enough with my regular round mug. I’d have no coffee in the cup with that model. I bet one could find it in eBay.

  6. Made me miss PA so much with all of this that I’m going to need to go into Old Greenwich and get a Lebanon Bologna sandwich at the Alpen Pantry for lunch tomorrow. Throw in the Butterscotch Krimpies and wash it down with a birch beer and you’re in yinzer heaven!

    1. Don’t forget the Utz potato chips to go with that sandwich!

      When I worked at TV Guide in Radnor the Charles Chips guy came to the offices to fill orders. Another PA mainstay. The large canisters of chips or cookies. God, how I weighed 105 then I’ll never know.

        1. If I’m having a craving for junk food I opt for salty versus sweet every time but never cheese puffs. I draw the line there. I’m a Ruffles Have Ridges gal.

  7. Used to get Charles chips & pretzels delivered at my Grandparent’s. Not a big Utz/Herr’s fan. I’m more of a Gibble’s guy.

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