Zing! Bam! Pow!


In one of my prouder moments, yesterday I silenced a Hildabot.

Check out line, grocery store, the woman in front of me I know but haven’t seen in a long time.

She, talking to cashier as she paid her tab, says Hillary is amaaaaaazing and she can’t wait to vote the first woman into the White House. I realize I know her, think I best not engage her, turn around as if I’m still unloading groceries from my cart but alas….

She sees me, says Hi, long time no see, and she directs the conversation about Hillary squarely at me, continuing to heap praise on Clinton. Gulp.

She then says to me, Can you imagine anyone stupid enough to vote for crazy lame Trump?

I said, Me. 

She was shocked and visibly dismayed.  Are you kidding? Are you kidding?, she kept repeating. She lit into me about Trump’s sexist, misogynist ways, how no woman should ever vote for Trump…

Then for whatever reason, she got a little guilty and asked if she had hurt my feelings. I said no….

Then I leaned over and said in my best Seinfeld low-talker fashion so she’d have to pay attention…

And oh, by the way, I would never judge YOU for voting for Hillary as you’ve chosen to judge me for voting for Trump. 

She left. I felt happy.

The end.

As for live blogging tonight’s debate, what I’ll probably do is start a thread and let you all comment when and as often as you want, but my mom wants to be on the phone with me during the debate and I can’t eat popcorn, yell at Lester Holt, talk to my mom AND respond to your comments at the same time. I’ll chime in when I can. Deal?


20 thoughts on “Zing! Bam! Pow!

  1. You go girl! I’ve dreamed of shutting up a loud mouth liberal so now i can live vicariously through your experience.

    The takeaway is that for the most part liberals are intolerant of anyone who opposes the opinion they consider rule.

    Did you hear Arnie Palmer died? He was golf royalty.

    1. Arnold Palmer’s death has shocked the sporting world. My IG feed is full of old photos of Palmer and condolences from the PGA etc. I might do a post later with some of those photos. He was such an ambassador of golf. I loved him and was lucky enough to meet him more than once and always chose to follow him when at a tournament. Sigh. I knew he wasn’t well when I saw him on tv recently. He couldn’t stand up without help.

      Am I hearing correctly that he died waiting for heart surgery? If true, I’m surprised his doctors thought surgery for an 87 year old was even a thought, let alone doable.

  2. I think you were obliged to offer one reason why you think Trumpf is amazing in his own way (which he surely is, although maybe not a good way.)

    Pow!! back to you.

    1. That’s a good point and I would have done that had I been in a conversation other than at the check out line of Shoprite. I have no trouble defending Trump and even less trouble pushing back at the lib mindset that Trump is a racist etc etc etc.

    1. CBS. NYT. CNN. MSNBC. Each and every one is in a full throttle 24/7 tactical assault on Trump. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that in order to make their candidate likable and palatable the media goons have to aim their guns at Trump? If Hillary is so excellent, just why ISN’T she 50 points ahead?

      Also, if Hillary is all the media wants her to be, why then not make their articles about her strengths? Could it be that it’s because Hillary is a lousy candidate, full of flaws, unlikable, and oh yes, a crook?

      1. This says it all about the media and Hillary:

        …The importance and value of the Trump-Clinton presidential debate will be directly proportional to the media’s ability to declare Hillary Clinton the winner…

  3. I’m nervous about tonight’s debate. The mainstream media is at war against Trump. There is not one outlet that isn’t shooting all barrels his way and the fact that Trump is dead even in the pools, says voters are sick and tired of the press moaning. Voters aren’t as stupid as the NYT believes them to be.

    To Anonymous: Trump has his faults but most criticisms of him (and your twenty year old breaking news story) are things he’s done and said as a private citizen. Like him or not, he’s not a crook. He’s a hard-nosed bullish businessman who says what many Americans wish they could. Hillary has been in public office for decades and almost all of her statements were on the record as First Lady, NY Senator, and Sec of State. Big difference.

    1. That’s an excellent one.

      I heard someone say Hillary should bark like a dog (as she did earlier in the campaign) every time she thinks Donald is lying.

      It’s going to be better than any prize fight ever.

    1. You are not alone in choosing football. The media drama over the debate is sickening. I, a total political junkie, can not stomach the pre-debate coverage.
      I’m ironing and watching horse racing films on TCM. Me thinks the network has a sense of humor. The debate is a horse race for sure.

    1. I read the comments at the bottom of the YT link. It’s not a Trump ad per se, I mean not an official Trump ad, and the person who has it listed, Chris Tuna, said it wasn’t his work but didn’t attribute it, as far as I could see in the video.

      I like it but (a) too long and (b) limited audience.

      1. That’s what the video seemed like to me too, a movie preview, not an ad. It’s good, I love the music, and love the message but it doesn’t translate onto TV. Only 34K people had viewed the video since August. I wonder why so few?

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