2016 Presidential Debate: Open Thread

The stage is set…

I’ll leave this post up through tomorrow morning in case anyone watching tonight wants to wait until the debate is all over to comment. I’ll comment as I can.

All viewpoints welcome. Let’s do this America. Git ‘er done.

28 thoughts on “2016 Presidential Debate: Open Thread

  1. From The New Yorker:

    HEMPSTEAD, NY (The Borowitz Report)—As the nation awaits the first faceoff between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Monday night, more Americans are expected to self-medicate than for any other Presidential debate in history.

    With over a hundred million people projected to watch the debate, roughly sixty million of them will be barely sentient after ingesting what they deem to be the necessary dose of intoxicants.

    Davis Logsdon, of the University of Minnesota, estimated on Monday that the level of self-medication for the Trump-Clinton debate could be seven hundred per cent greater than for the first Obama-Romney debate, in 2012.

    “The stakes seem higher this time,” Logsdon said. “There’s a sense that, depending on the outcome of tonight’s debate, all human life on the planet could be in peril.”

    Across the country, liquor stores reported a desperate run on their merchandise as Americans fortified themselves for what many called “ninety minutes of horror.”

    According to official estimates, by 9 p.m. E.T., the nation is expected to have a blood-alcohol level of .10 and will name Canada as its designated driver.

    1. I’m hoping to watch sober so I can remain coherent if I need to respond or comment here. Plus, my mother and I will be in the phone a good deal of the night.

      I’ve seen warnings, actual warnings, about Drinking and Debate Watching.

  2. We’re watching with the SAP on. Olé! Today for the first time, the border patrol agents endorsed a candidate. El Trumpo.

    1. For the time being I have Fox on closed caption. It’s hysterical how the computer translates.
      Lester Hole
      Michael Dew Cast Kiss
      Dan Quail
      Lloyd Ben Sewn

  3. For those of us who started this race as Libertarians, there’s little left out there representing our values.

  4. Hillary doing okay.
    Trump eye rolling.

    But Trump is sticking to his economic ideas while she keeps touting government expansion.

  5. Hillary is admitting that the 1980’s has their foreign policy back. The Russians are coming. Total about face from the Romney Obama debate.

      1. My two cents. Trump did well except for the tax discussion and he blew the issue about women. Hillary brought that home.
        I’m sure CNN and MSNBC are giving Hillary the win.

    1. He could have done better, I agree. She did no harm, no foul but also no knockout punch either. She stayed the status quo which is what people who are Trump supporters hate about her. Her answers were pat, rehearsed. His were all over the place, rambling, incoherent but he did get in some good points. It’s going to be interesting to see if H gets a bump after this. I doubt it.

  6. Trump fell for every question Hillary threw at him and he failed miserably. His answers about women were atrocious. His responses about his tax returns, dumb as a post. No real solutions on her side wither so I’m not giving this debate to her but lord, Trump? C’mon guys, as president?

    1. Some debate facts:

      Holt interrupted Trump 41 times.
      Holt interrupted Clinton 7 times.

      Lester Holt pulled two Candy Crowleys (Stop and Frisk – Iraq War) threw the game to Team Clinton.

      Not a single hard question to Clinton about “deplorables”, foundation, emails, FBI investigation and her staff claiming 5th or getting prosecution immunity, Benghazi etc.

      1. R’s complain about the left leaning moderators. It should not come to anyone’s surprise, especially DJT’s team, that Holt favored Hillary. That’s always and will ever be the game plan. Trump needs to find a way to work around it, get past it, because the next debate, a CNN moderator, well, hold on to your hat how they go after Trump.

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