My new red slippers will come in handy today! 

Woke up to 44 degree temp! Forty-four!!! That’s brisk. 

I left all the windows open last night so this morning the house is like an icebox. 

Even Dawg was chilled and asked me to cover her up. 

It’s a good chill and I love autumn but I wasn’t ready quite this soon. Brrrr. 

12 thoughts on “My new red slippers will come in handy today! 

  1. Oh good. It’s finally that time of year for you that I get to say It’s 77 here in Miami! Going to be 85 later.

  2. It came so quickly. It was sweating hot in the 80’s on Friday night and 36 hours later, down to the low 50’s. I like the gradual change in weather, we never get it that way anymore, it seems.

    1. Waaaaaay too quickly.

      I meant to ask: do deer eat your dahlia? That one half flower I had coming out is gone now and I presume it was eaten. I saw three young deer in my back yard but with so much in the woods to eat, you’d think one dahlia wouldn’t be interesting.

  3. Low 50’s outside this morning, 68 inside. Windows were closed last night. It’s another beautiful, sunny, clear day when we desperately need rain.

    1. My house said 63 for inside temp. Enough for me to get out the dirty and ragged but all time favorite red hooded zippered sweatshirt jacket. Pockets, bonus.

  4. After the autumn leaves reach their peak, it will rain buckets and knock them all off the trees to clog your gutters and ground drains. Drought be done.

    1. The bane of every NE homeowner – cleaning gutters after the leaves have fallen. We looked into having the metal mesh over the gutter and I don’t remember why, but the gutter guy told us no. The pitch of the gutters maybe?

  5. I have someone coming to clean the gutters this week. He’ll come back for a quick cleaning when the trees are bare.
    My dahlias are still blooming. The deer preferred hostas and daylilies.

    1. This week? My leaves haven’t begun to fall. Trees are green and full.

      I have to find a new gutter guy. My old one got famous from some local press and nearly tripled his price. I told him his price of fame was too rich for me.

  6. My gutters weren’t completely cleaned in the spring so it’s a catchup cleaning but a big one now. He’ll come back and finish the job probably in November.
    Leaves have started to fall although that’s probably due to the drought. It’s early yet. We have a ways to go before we will need rakes.

    1. I have a birch tree that is very susceptible to drought and it has many leaves falling. The tree was planted in a place that had a slight mound in the lawn before the tree base making it impossible for runoff to soak the roots.

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