Redneck Mobile Shredder

The fact that this is illegal is a minor detail so shhhhhhhh. In RI this is permitted, with approval on a given day by the Fire Marshal. Wind dependent. In NY, not a ghost of a chance a burn permit would ever come back into law. 

As kids we used to burn leaves and have giant bonfires before football games. You The World is Coming to an End types would say it’s because of jerks like us that there are more holes in the ozone layer. 

I say phooey, I saved the earth by not getting in my car to drive the box of papers to the shredder whose huge truck spews fumes into the air. 

So there. 

5 thoughts on “Redneck Mobile Shredder

  1. We do this all the time here in Virginia. Shouldn’t be against the law, only caveat might be using common sense re the right time and place to burn.

  2. Burning permits are issued in my town when conditions are right during certain times of the year but with the extended drought I don’t think we’ll see any back yard fires until 2017.

    I could be completely wrong but I have a memory of leaves piled at the sides of the streets where I grew up for the town to come by and pick up.

    1. Piles and bags of leaves here will be scooped up by the town leaf vacuum but as a kid I remember my dad burning them. There were no leaf blowers or town leaf collections in Wilmington that I can remember.
      My gardener lives in Ossining and she said several towns by her have watering restrictions now. She feels the drought is severe.

  3. Back in the ’50’s, each fall my parents motived my brother and I to rake fallen leaves by letting us pile them in a safe place on our driveway and lighting them on fire. Then, to keep the fires burning, we had to keep collecting leaves to stoke the conflagration. I can still summon up faint remembrances of the acrid, yet pleasant, odor.

    1. We had rake duty too. I never minded it as I think I got paid 25 cents an hour so I dragged it out as long as I could. What I can’t remember is where dad burned them. Driveway makes sense but that part of the chore has left my brain.
      I agree the odor is something never to forget though.

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