The Sound Beacher & Cos Harbour Weekend Report and Open Thread

Crazy busy weekend here so I’m leaving this post up until Monday morning. I’ll check back in when I can to moderate any conversation going on but feel free to start a conversation yourself. Any topic. Fine with me.

CosHarbour starts the weekend photos off with his flavorful blend of country and city pix.

Major beef!

Country clouds and Catskill Mountains.

…with handicap plates and baby seat!

A whole lot of Norwegian Wood going on…
Question to Cos: Is this an antique or a replica? A tour boat of some kind?


3D Printed (!!) Palmyra Arch and City Hall. Good blog discussion here about the Printed Arch. 

SoundBeacher’s ears perked after my pathetic dahlias photos. Herewith the SB commentary and photos:

My dahlias are just now coming in fast and prolifically.  I’ve been giving them away to friends and neighbors. There is a Dahlia show up at the Garden Education Center in Greenwich Oct. 3 & 4th it’s free and there are hundreds of Dahlia’s, really impressive ones.  Putting us both to shame.




SB ends with spectacular sunset photos. Aaaah. Bliss.


Looks like a mix of sun and rain this weekend here. I’m off to help Trump prepare for the debate (he’s called upon me for my expertise in Friends episodes) so when duty calls, I oblige. Any interest in me live blogging the debate? I’m torn. Most of me wants to just watch the debate and either laugh or cry. The rest of me thinks it would be fun to see how you are feeling real time. You decide and I’ll do what you all say.

Happy Weekend!

32 thoughts on “The Sound Beacher & Cos Harbour Weekend Report and Open Thread

  1. Spectacular photos guys. I saw the Palmyra Arch the other day and it’s remarkable in its 3D Printing technology. I want a 3D printer for Christmas.

    SB, your dahlias are gorgeous. Love the color ranges you chose.

    I vote Yes for live blogging the debate.

  2. I’m in for live blogging the debate. Whose side are you on?

    Oops. I meant, do you want me to blog with dry humor for the other side?

    I’m going to have trouble keeping up with Colin Powell, but if Jeb! is voting for her, who am I to disagree.

    1. If I do live blog the debate, I would totally welcome opinion from the other side. I’m still on the fence about actually sitting at the computer while watching. I might need one hand for throwing Cheetos at the screen!

  3. Thanks for the pictures…armchair traveler with coffee suits me fine.
    The lead picture got a smile. The 3rd got a scowl. Can you merge them?
    I’d like to see the handicapped owner navigate the cow pies with the baby.

    1. Careful, given the number of 6’s in the license plate and the general look of the car, the driver might be Satan. And you wouldn’t want to mess with the baby…

      Can one of the auto buffs tell us what kind of car that is?

  4. The Darken Harald Halfagre, world’s largest Nordic dragon ship. 79′ Mast and mainsail is bigger than a tennis court. Commissioned by Nordic rich guy and built using traditional methods.

    The Lambi is silver “filmed” not chrome plated.

    Great blooms SB!

  5. My son works for NASA and is peripherally involved in studying synthetic biology 3D Printing for food for flights into space. It has to do with using bacteria to make the food.

  6. feast your eyes on these numbers you hillary voters. it’s easy to tell who has run a business and who has lived in government. hillary’s years will be more government pork guys. give me lean and mean trump any day.

      1. from link:

        Beyond creating a boisterous echo chamber, the real metric of success for Shareblue, which Mr. Brock said has a budget of $2 million supplied by his political donors, is getting Mrs. Clinton elected. Mr. Daou’s role is deploying a band of committed, outraged followers to harangue Mrs. Clinton’s opponents.

        “The pond scum of American politics,” is how Tad Devine, a senior strategist to Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, described the website in March for its frequent attacks on Mr. Sanders.

        1. Austin: that’s an eye opening chart but it was announced today that Trump is putting in some huuuuuge $ in advertising between now and Nov. 8. The number was staggering.

        2. Two of the most vile humans on the planet. Pond scum isn’t low enough to describe them. I hope they get their comeuppance when Hillary loses. Brock is a worm.

          I’m reading this morning that Hillary’s non-pandering trip to Charlotte Sunday has been cancelled.

        3. The mainstream isn’t mentioning the cancelled pander trip. It’s as if Hillary never planned it. Nice timing the night before the debate. Who thought that was a good idea? Karma’s a bitch.

        4. Nor is the media mentioning POTUS used an alias in emailing Hillary on her insecure private server. Every dot I connect has the whole Obama administration in cahoots and on board with Hillary’s private server. Cheryl Mills gets immunity. Huma forwards emails to her Yahoo account to make it easier to print. What about any of this is legal? Comey got a talking to by Lynch.

        5. Funny how all that comes out on Friday. Let’s face it, Obama has always been the elephant in the room – ain’t nobody gonna diss Jesus from Chicago – but he had to know about HRC’s email shenanigans and the fact he participated means he should be impeached (good luck with that).

          More Pepe:

        6. Who does these BRILLIANT videos and why aren’t they run as ads? Gosh, it’s so well done and spot on.

          Obama is God. Especially today, speaking as the first black president at the opening of the African American museum. All that’s to the good, until the pr**k says we haven’t come far enough and politicizes the address by mentioning both Tulsa and Charlotte. The guy is lower than David Brock.

          The joke now is the NYT had a breaking news tweet that they are endorsing Hillary. Between the Times and Andrea Mitchell, there’s no hope of any honest reporting if Trump is elected. Trump is going to have every media anchor asking a million questions. Obama walks on water. Sick.

        7. The trouble with videos of this length is that they get ignored, but, the subject matter can’t be compressed without losing the sheer scope of why the subject being discussed is important.
          A couple of things, still bother me: What is the Bush involvement with Clinton in Mena and, given the Clinton’s international mojo, how did Obama beat her in 2008 – who are his puppeteers?

        8. VP Pence got his digs in at Lying Hillary and Cheating Bill. The Clinton’s have been lying so long it’s just who they are. They wouldn’t know the truth if it fell on their lap.

        9. I wonder if Pence put that video out after Flowers says she’d come to the debate?? Hillary’s peeps are already crying sexism. So Hillary wants equal treatment but doesn’t when it doesn’t suit her.

  7. Ted Cruz endorses Trump. Kind of.

    He says he will vote for the Republican nominee as promised because Hillary is unfit. No real endorsement of Trump, but as close as Cruz will get.

    1. somewhere glen beck is in a fetal position, crying. i don’t think this will go over well for the true conservatives who were faithful cruz supporters. the press release i read from cruz never actually used the word endorsement so his legions of fans can take some consolation in that.

      now if jeb would endorse, and he should, that would be something. kasich never will because kasich is all about himself. did you know that his father was a mailman? 🙂

    2. I’ll see your Cruz endorsement and raise you a Kardashian. Kim has announced she wants to be a lawyer. Okay then.

  8. Gennifer Flowers accepted the kind invitation of Donald Trump to sit in the front row of the debate Monday.

    I hope this is a joke. It’ll backfire on Trump. Agree?

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