Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha.


In a new Hillary Clinton campaign video out today, she asks viewers Why aren’t I 50 points ahead of Trump? 

First of all, look at her angry face then listen, if you can, to her very angry tone, scolding voters for allowing Trump to have supporters, let alone dare to have support that might jeopardize her appointment as queen.

She honestly can’t believe she’s NOT 50 points ahead of Trump and that’s part of her problem – she isn’t able to put herself in the shoes of people who oppose her views – her frame of reference is She is Invincible, She Is Woman.

I sent this video to a few of my liberal friends. I am awaiting their response. So far, crickets. Ha ha ha.

16 thoughts on “Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha.

  1. You have to remember that Hillary was promised the presidency. She can’t imagine that she could lose, given the support she before she was the nominee. She thought Bernie was a joke and he would be no contest and look how close he came to beating her, only for him to cave and support her. Biden was the better candidate by far, more palatable to Independents and moderate Republicans but he got sacked by the Clinton Machine. I hope she loses big, so big that she has to crawl home crying her eyes out. She has no soul.

    1. Good observation that she was promised the presidency. I agree. I am sure there was many a back room conversation about this being her time, her one and only chance to become the first woman president, which I am sure she thought was all she needed to run on to win. Her tagline I’m With Her says it all. She played the woman card from the get-go.

      Biden had his own issues. Old white male being one but I agree that more moderate Rs who found Trump offensive could have voted for Joe. I believe I even heard my mother say so long ago but now she’s a confirmed Trump fan.

  2. The video you posted pales in comparison to the OMG factor of her appearance on Between Two Ferns. I dare you to watch the whole thing. I couldn’t.

    1. Yikes. I couldn’t watch more than two minutes. Is that for real, she really went on the show? Let me guess, to get the millennials to vote for her? My eyes, My eyes.

    1. Aaah, Mark Ruffalo, I knew the biggest dipshit in Hollywood had to be in this Save The Day vid.

      What’s in it for these jerks to be for Hillary? I don’t get it, especially the younger ones. What do they see in her or her presidency?

        1. Well, thankfully there are some outliers. James Wood. Clint Eastwood. Patricia Heaton. All vocal conservatives. All working in Hollywood. There’s some hope.

        2. Most excellent article. I have never heard of Friends of Abe. I know James Woods doesn’t endorse Trump per se but he most definitely is opposed to Hillary. Didn’t Gary Sinese speak at the convention? There’s ChaChi too. Chuck Woolery and Pat Sajak, both R.

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