That Time you took the dog bed apart to wash it and now can’t put it back together…

I’ve got the Humpty Dumpty Syndrome today, washing the last of Dawg’s bed covers early this morning, the bed she uses at night in our bedroom.

It was easy enough to unzip, take the foam base out and separately unzip the bolster in the back for her head rest. The tempurpedic foam base was tough to get in because I think the cover shrunk. But the pain is getting the bolster back in place. It’s no help that the zipper tag end that closes the bolster fabric fell off in the dryer…….

Ma, why is my bed in the dining room? 
C’mon Ma, this isn’t rocket science. You can do this. 

11 thoughts on “That Time you took the dog bed apart to wash it and now can’t put it back together…

    1. Uh oh. Is that a trick question?

      The cover shrunk (shrank?) just enough that the bolster sleeve is misshapen and smaller to the point that the bolster doesn’t fit. Of course, it might really fit if I wasn’t swearing like a sailor and jumping up and down on the bolster.

      1. Drying it (even on air) was the mistake. These things are so fragile, they shrink. I’ve found they dry in no time if you hang them over the rail. And sometimes it is still difficult to get them back over the foam pad.

        1. It’s not the best quality dog bed to begin with. The good ones I have are from Orvis but I had to give up my first born to pay for them (until Cobra told me about the Orvis outlet in Norwalk).

          This one is from Dr.Foster, cheaply made, and inexpensive, but she likes the orthopedic foam and the bolster.

          I agree my mistake was drying it. I should have hung it out on the clothes line today. With the nice breeze and sunshine, it would have been dry in no time and I’d still have the zipper end intact.

    1. Thankfully you didn’t supply my readers with a link to said video!

      I have successfully put the bed back in user mode, although the broken zipper for the bottom foam closure makes for a sloppier job than I would have liked.

  1. Turn the bolster cover inside out. Put your arm all the way down inside and grab one end of the bolster with your hand inside the cover. hold on tight, and roll/peel the cover back over the bolster with your free hand. (It’s the way nurses put pillow slips back on pillows in a flash.) Bibi

    1. I had to wrestle with it like it was an alligator. Look how long the bolster is in the photo. I wraps around the back and both sides making it far more difficult to stuff. I won the battle but broke two nails.

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