The EOS Slipper Review: The Martha and The Swanton

Because I DO listen to all your suggestions and take heed of your comments, I ordered both the Halfinger brand slipper Martha recommended and also a Draper brand that Swanton said was great. I chose a style that suited my foot and what I needed.


Introducing first, a grey wool model, by Halfinger.

Crepe souls for walking to the mail box or bringing out the trash.

Removable and washable inner, thick but not too thick, also made of wool but not itchy.

Heel high enough up to stay on my feet. easy to put on.

The Swanton, by Draper of Glastonbury. Bought though their US outlet, O’Connell’s of Buffalo NY:

Red suede with a soft rabbit-like fur inside. Now honestly, these are much more comfortable but they are less practical so I might wear these in the afternoon and the more utilitarian ones in the morning.

But I ask you – don’t these look faded, like they were on display in a window? The back end looks scuffed. I might call O’Connell’s tomorrow and ask if I can send them pix.

Not a sole for outside but perfect for scuffing around the house.

One peeve: the label sewn in in a place my foot goes. I can feel that tag.

Look at the heels. Don’t they both look scuffed? Or maybe it’s just the way suede changed color? I report. You decide.

Excellent choices both. As this rate I’ll need a whole new closet just for slippers. Thanks Martha and Swanton for great suggestions.

6 thoughts on “The EOS Slipper Review: The Martha and The Swanton

  1. I like both pairs but the red ones make me smile. Wear both and when you are looking for a blog subject on a dreary February day you call tell us how the slippers are working out.

  2. I think you might need both. The grey are perfect house shoes as you can go outside. However the red are for a winter evening by the fire in pyjamas…….

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