The Birds!

Sitting at my desk, I kept hearing scritch scritch scritch up on the roof above me. I got up and looked out and a flock of morning mourning doves left the roof at once and escaped to a dead tree limb. Not too creepy or anything.



What could they have wanted on my roof? They aren’t carrion eaters are they that they would have been after a dead critter?

They wouldn’t be building a nest this time of year either. And why in a pack?

The good news? They aren’t crows!!

6 thoughts on “The Birds!

  1. mourning (not morning) doves, so-called because of their doleful call, eat seeds. As a child, I used to love listening to them coo under the overhang of my grandmother’s 3-story barn on the Cape. I just read they’re the most-hunted bird in this country. As for the cluster, who knows? “Birds of a feather flock together.” Bibi

    1. I typed mourning doves first, then scratched it. Should have stayed with my first instinct. Thanks for the correction.

      I remember hearing Bob Whites when I lived on Chappaquiddick. Do they still exist as a breed?

    1. Funny. I haven’t thought of Benny Hill in years! I used to watch his show on some obscure UHF channel when I lived on Chappy and all I had was rabbit ears to pull in Boston stations. Is he still alive?

        1. Now you’ve gone and done it. That damn song is stuck in my head and I feel the need to move in triple speed around the house.

          Dead since ’92? I’ll google him now.

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