It’s Shocking There’s Any Hair left On Dawg

I washed three of the five dog bed covers and three dog blankets – the stench of dog dander was overwhelming on each and the reason why is obvious…..

Look at the amount of Dawg’s hair from the dryer vent………………Ay chihuahua!


If you brushed me more often ma, I wouldn’t shed so much! 

I admit to not brushing Dawg as often as I should – she’s a short-haired dog so she’s not prone to knots, but it would behoove me to get rid of the dead hair more often. Is there a Flowbee for Dogs?

2 thoughts on “It’s Shocking There’s Any Hair left On Dawg

  1. Good job!
    My experience with short haired dogs and air duct heat/air, is that all my lampshades have fur veneers. Linen being the worse. Tick season coming up, good time to brush.

    1. Ha ha. Lampshades with fur veneer. That made me laugh out loud!

      Dawg rarely gets a tick probably because at her advanced age she’s not put running in the woods.

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