Wow. My Dahlia Blooms. All 1.5 of them!

I planted two bags of dahlia bulbs. The majority of the flower buds died before blooming but yesterday I eyeballed one dahlia frolicking among the spent daisies and one about to flower. I think I’m ready for my job at the New York Botanical Garden.


The good news is that all the flower beds are now weeded and almost everything that has bloomed and spent has been cut back for the winter.

My gardener said the hydrangea not blooming was singularly due to lack of water. Uh oh. I think she’s chiding me for being a bad homeowner. She suggested, in very strong but nice terms, that I haul buckets of water over to the hydrangea bed (it’s too far away for the hose to reach) and gently pour one or two buckets of water into each plant three times a week. Thank heavens it rained yesterday and is heavily damp and dewy today. My talents as Jack’s better half Jill are weak.

In other breaking news, I’m laundering all the dog bed covers today. Dawg’s dander is getting to me and the house smells too. She has five beds so it’s going to be several loads of laundry. Don’t you wish for my exciting life?


4 thoughts on “Wow. My Dahlia Blooms. All 1.5 of them!

    1. I wish I knew why mine didn’t flourish. Could it be that the bulbs from Home Depot were old? They were Martha Stewart brand bulbs so I expected some level of quality.

      1. I’ve heard it said that items purchased from the Home Depot are inferior to similar items purchased elsewhere (specifically power tools, but, could apply to other items they stock). Hard to believe, but, there it is.

        1. Uh oh, I feel my HD stock sliding with that comment.

          I do think manufacturers make lines for certain retailers so I’m not surprised to read your claim. There are certain tools made specifically and singularly for HD. Same with some lines of appliances. Only carried at HD. If you go to the manufacturers website for that product line, it’s often not there.

          Lowes has announced it will start using robots for helping customers find things. An interactive map of the store etc. Great idea. I’ve always thought there should be an app for finding things in a store.

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