Jennifer Aniston is getting a good laugh today!

The two most pretentious people on the earth, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, announced they are divorcing. What a shock. NOT.

How their egos fit in one room is beyond me and I never saw one ounce of sincerity in anything he’s ever said or stood for. She, well, I guess you can give her credit for saving so many children and for her works with the UN, and okay, being so beautiful, but I never believed for a second that they were soulmates or that their marriage would last.


Brad had an affair with Angelina while he was married to Jennifer Aniston so right there, me, captain of Team Aniston Fan Club, figured Brad was an asshole.

Then as Brad and Angelina kept adopting and having children, I thought, this won’t end well for the children.

The divorce papers say irreconcilable differences – hey, maybe like her father, Angelina is a Trump supporter, and Brad’s heart belongs to Hillary? Could be.

One website says there was discontent with one of the nannies – so maybe Brad was looking at a younger number than Angie. So many men leave with the nanny- rule number one, hire an ugly nanny.

Twitter is hysterical in the memes already up there. Peeople are so clever. here are a few to amuse you.

Us most jaded Hollywood watchers wonder if Jolie is leaving Brad to marry her own brother! Many of us cringed at this photo op….like who does this??


If nothing else, this breaking Hollywood news has taken the TV anchors away from Obama telling the UN General Assembly that he’s working hard to curb the excesses of capitalism. Alrighty then. I bet Obama won’t mind those excesses of capitalism when he becomes a billionaire post-presidency.


8 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston is getting a good laugh today!

  1. who gets custody of their Miraval vineyards? You should have bought more of that rose before its no longer available.

  2. Get the story right: here’s the dirt from TMZ

    Reports say that Jolie was angry with Pitt’s parenting style. She allegedly felt that Pitt was not safe around their kids, was unhappy with his alleged marijuana use, and thought he was anger issues. It has also been reported that Jolie hired a private detective to spy on him while he was filming his latest movie in London, because she suspected that he was cheating on her. Those suspicions were allegedly confirmed by the detective.

    Any couple who say they won’t marry themselves until gays can are in it for the PR and not the marriage. They were a photo op, not much more.

      1. The takeaway line: Pitt and Cotillard are starring in a new film.
        So it was okay for Angelina to cheat WITH Brad when he was married to Aniston but not okay when he cheats ON her with a new co-star. Double standard if you ask me.

        Another Jennifer Aniston line from Friends: Once a cheater, always a cheater. [her character Rachael was telling Ross that after he slept with someone else when “they were in a break”]. #eosneedsalife

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