Apparently a Bird in the hand is worth one Bush 

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. It is being reported that the senior Bush, George HW, will vote for Hillary.

The story comes out after Kathleen Kennedy interviewed the elder Bush at his home in Maine then made public his voting preference on her Facebook page.

Some have questioned Kennedy’s right to publish this. Did she ask Bush first before publishing this information? Does Bush have an expectation of privacy? No? 

Look, if GHWB wants to vote for Hillary, that’s his right but what I find disgraceful is his pleasure in making this known. In my opinion, he has a duty to the Republican party that elected him and his son to the highest job in the land. He may hate that Trump destroyed Jeb, I get that, and I get that he bristles at the mere thought of voting for Trump, but where I think he’s overstepped his bounds is making his view public.

Will the brothers all announce their support for Hillary next? 

The higher ground is to say nothing. Don’t endorse Trump if that makes him ill, but to state that he plans to cast his vote for a Democrat, that’s heresy in my book from a former republican president.

The mainstream media is drooling over this announcement and running with the narrative that even former Republican presidents aren’t down with The Donald.

Me? Thanks for asking. I’ve gone from an eyeroll vote for Trump to being a cheerleader and believer. Please make him get through the debates without embarrassment. Please.

In case you are wondering, I slept like a log last night, air conditioning on. I feel chipper today so if you’ve got something to complain about, bring it on. I can handle the truth. Can you??

Happy Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “Apparently a Bird in the hand is worth one Bush 

  1. I’ve lost all my adoration of the senior Bush. I agree that he has the right to vote for whomever he wants but saying nothing is more powerful than telling Kathleen that Clinton is his preference. Same principle goes for the other Rs who came out against Donald. Don’t like him, say nothing. I’d like to take Romney and all the Bushes and give them the heave ho.

    A/C on here too. Just too humid and no breeze.

  2. I agree, but I suspect someone made an assumption somewhere. Did he actually say that, or is this the reporters inference? It’s shocking how you can say one thing and the person you’re talking to only hears what they want to hear, not what you actually said.

    I’m trying to come up with a good answer about when to give the child an iPhone, but I don’t think there is any hard and fast rule. He’s nearly 12, and agreed to pay the $20 a month for his line. I’ve been rather controlled about their online access and am trying to open that up for him as he demonstrates responsiblity.

    1. I think you are spot on about inference and assumption versus Bush’s actual answer. How she asked the question is huge too.
      Bush’s spokesman today discounted Kennedy’s assertion, saying Bush will privately cast his vote November 8. Most of me thinks that means he actually DID tell Kennedy he’ll vote for HRC, and his spokesman is trying to neutralize it.

      Re the phone. It’s such a personal family decision. How mature the child is. How responsible. If you say he’s ready, I believe you. I’m impressed that he’s paying $20/month. That’s a good lesson in itself, that nothing is free.
      My sisters oldest grandchild turned 13 this year and her parents gave her an iPhone. She was the only one in her class not to have one prior.

  3. Bush Senior was a RINO before the term was invented. His vote for HRC will go unnoticed when Trump hammers home a victory November 8.

  4. what Kathleen Kennedy did was despicable. She knows GHWB is old, she probably did catch him saying he would vote for Clinton but that did NOT give her the right to post it all over Facebook. She embarrassed him publicly for her own gain and for her own 15 minutes of Kennedy fame. CNN can’t stop talking about how so many R’s refuse to get behind Trump. They are loving this story.

    what I want to know is why the US navy is planning on naming a new ship after RFK. What did HE ever do to warrant that honor? the whole clan is crooked.

    1. Tell us how you really feel about what Kathleen did! 🙂

      What I find interesting is that I’ve seen no Kennedy come out and campaign or endorse Hillary. Then again, there’s no love loss between RFK Jr. and Hillary because Jr. wanted to run for Senate in NY when Hillary decided she did too. And it seems, no matter what Hillary is running for, any opposition gets told no. Summarily dismissed.
      No clue why the Navy is naming a ship after RFK. I guess it’s better than the USS Teddy Kennedy, anchored off the shores of Chappaquiddick.

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