Where was this Jeb! During the Primary? 

Mr. Humorless during the Republican primary process, looks like unemployment has brought out the funny side of Jeb in this self-deprecating cameo at the Emmy’s last night. I thought it was hysterical. 

The video is long so if you are short on time and only want to see the Jeb part, scroll to the 3:40 mark – however to understand his appearance in context, watch all 5 minutes. 

Hard to understand why Jeb didn’t let down his guard during the election, show this more human and funny side, but hey, too late now. 

I was going to head into the city today to meet up with friends but with the President in town for the UN Security Council added to the street closures in Chelsea, I’m staying put. It’s going to rain anyway. 

Happy Monday. It’s muggy and humid as heck here and I slept poorly to none so watch out, I could be grumpy today!! 

18 thoughts on “Where was this Jeb! During the Primary? 

  1. You watched the Emmy’s? I don’t watch enough tv to know any of the shows and stars. How much Trump bashing was there?

    The humidity kept me up too. I turned the A/C back on in the middle of the night.

    1. I played Flip That Remote last night, not finding anything that appealed so I did watch some of the Emmys. As you might expect, serious Trump bashing from the award winners during their ego thank you speeches and even plenty of jokes from the host and award presenters. It really gives you the sense of how superior these libs feel to Trump’s deplorables. The superiority factor smells to high heaven and I’m sure many of these actors are convinced their sh** doesn’t stink. Arrogance in steroids. Blech.

    1. I inhaled my first cup of coffee and am on cup 3 trying to revive myself. It’s pouring rain so it might be a perfect day to sneak in a power nap this afternoon.

      Thanks for the blog link. Very interesting. Yes, I suspect Obama WILL announce higher refugee quotas at his speeches before the United Nations. The hypocrisy is that he and Michelle will forever live with secret service in a bubble of safety so what does HE care who is let in?

      My Hilfinger slippers are due tomorrow. I’ll post photos. The Draper slippers are coming by slow boat and won’t be here until next week.

      Have a great Monday!!!

      1. The alert has gone out that the suspected perpetrator of the NYC and NJ bombings is, wait for it, Afghani, and he could be part of a new terror cell in the tri-state. Would Obama dare announce larger refugee quotas today, given this news?

        1. Good point. Bennett Cerf has a great saying that politicians can never say in five words what they can say in two hundred. That’s Obama’s creed. He’ll bloviate today no doubt and I wouldn’t put it past him to announce higher refugee numbers and if course he’ll knock Trump at the UN podium too. Ugh.

  2. A lot of news anchors are asking why Obama hasn’t made a statement about any of the bombings. A comment from his press secretary answers it all. The narrative put the bombs in the dumpster?

    1. What channels do you watch where the anchors challenge the president? The SciFi channel?

      Had a white boy shot people Obummer would have had two national addresses by now. His silence is appalling and all politics.

  3. Damning headline on the WSJ home page. The use of the word Immigrant should make Obama think twice before opening our borders more.

    Afghan Immigrant Sought in New York Bomb Probe

    1. Your comment had led me to look into using immigrant, refugee, migrant, illegal alien, and those who claim they accidentally strayed over the border. Each one colors the story.

  4. Not everyone thinks Jeb’s performance was funny. The guys at Legal Insurrection write a great legal/politics blog. Here’s their two cents. What do you think?

    This was humiliating for Jeb, he just doesn’t realize it. The liberals in the audience laughed at him, not with him.

      1. The die was cast when ‘the family’ decided to run George instead of Jeb (the smarter brother) for prez in 2000. My philosophy was one more Bush and then out. If Jeb had been electrifying and stellar and wonderful and able to pull in non-GOP voters, I would have voted for him, but, he wasn’t any of those things and I won’t vote for someone because I feel sorry for them.

        1. You wonder how the family conversation went when they decided to run George and not Jeb – I suppose it was because at that time George was the more successful, governor of Texas and all, well liked and able to raise tons of cash. To me, and maybe others, Jeb was a relative unknown, that Bush who married a ‘ferner. Plus, how do you take a guy named Jeb seriously, especially when he does get his turn to run and puts an exclamation point on his first name as his logo! That did it for me. My mother liked Jeb until he started campaigning and she very quickly saw him as a weakling, unsure of himself, always calling his mommy for help. I don’t think I ever felt sorry for him. I figure he had plenty of opportunity to learn from George’s mistakes, he had a very political family from whom to learn, and he blew it. His own fault. No sympathy whatsoever.

          Hardhearted Hannah
          But not from Savannah

  5. Read the book “Jeb and the Bush Crime Family” It tells it all!
    Would you believe, Bush 41 announced he is voting for Clinton!
    My thoughts are not fit for print!

    1. I don’t know if I can stomach reading that book. It knocked the wind out of my mother this morning – she literally sighed, broken hearted to hear 41 would not support the R nominee. It’s why, more than anything, I wish for my mother that Trump wins, and wins big.

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