The Snake!


In an incredibly well crafted and perfectly delivered speech in Florida today, to a packed house, Trump recited the song lyrics to an Al Wilson tune called The Snake.

First, hear Trump’s version…

Now Al Wilson singing it. Sure, Wilson’s version is better but the point is, and I do have one, Trump effectively called Hillary a snake for her mentality of wanting to care for the snake, even though she knows from the outset he is a snake.

There’s a moral to this story boys and girls. Vote for Trump on November 8.

10 thoughts on “The Snake!

  1. Missed his speech today. He’s used the song lyric before and met with approval but his timing today is much better. He has a very good chance of winning Florida. Two votes from our family.

        1. I think Miami was last Friday.

          I kept hoping that someone would do something with “it puts the deplorable in the basket or it gets the hose again”. Alas, meme magic has to be fresh…

    1. I didn’t see that speech but I saw the backdrop photo. The mainstream media are wetting their pants over Trump getting yuuuuge crowds of Deplorables. Awesome.

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